Movie-themed Engagement Shoots

Now I admit, I wasn’t an immediate convert to this particular trend. I’m a big fan of engagement shoots, but my favourite are those that show off a couple’s personalities, what they like to do together, etc. But there’s something kinda fun and silly and romantic about recreating the style and mood of a favourite film – and when else will you get the chance to do it? Ultimately, what won me over was the images I’ve seen coming out of these shoots – thanks to some amazing photographers, they are nothing short of spectacular. So grab your popcorn and check out my favourites.

The Twilight Saga

I wouldn’t have thought this would work, but here are two separate shoots, and both are amazing (and one proves you don’t even have to look like the film characters to get the mood right). The first shoot (with the blonde couple) is by Kerry Morgan, and the second is by K&K Photography. As if we wouldn’t all like to be Kristin Stewart for five minutes.


This one (from Wildflowers Photography) was all over the wedding blogosphere, and with good reason – it is totally cute! Plus, there was an UP-themed wedding to follow. My favourite thing about this was how the movie really meant something to the couple, so it was very personal to them.

An Education

I adore Laura Vogt‘s photography, and this shoot is my favourite. I loved how the film still inspired but didn’t dictate the shoot, and led on to loads of other gorgeous pictures.

The Notebook

Okay, don’t hate me Notebook lovers, but I think I almost prefer the pictures in this engagement shoot by Blushing Bride Studio to the film stills. Come on, they’re GORGEOUS. I would have thought replicating iconic moments from the film so closely would have been cheesy, but, well… it just works. (Although it doesn’t hurt that the beautiful bride-to-be had a kicking wardrobe!)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Pulling off a Holly Golightly isn’t easy, but both the ladies in these shoots do – the first by Axioo Photography and the second by Ophelia Photography. It definitely makes me want to get out there and channel my inner Audrey.


Another stunner – gorgeous location, super stylish wardrobe, amazing photography by Stephanie Fay. I loved that it evoked the same feeling as the film, but was more about the era and the couple themselves.

If this is something you and your sweetie fancy doing, here’s my advice:

  • Make sure you have a kick-ass photographer. You want this to look like high fashion, not a costume party. Really engage with your photographer too – chances are they’ll relish the chance to do something more creative and will have tons of their own ideas to contribute.
  • Take time to think about your look – not just wardrobe but hair and makeup and location too. You don’t have to be professionally styled, but you’ll definitely need to put the effort into finding just the right outfits and making you and your partner look suitably gorgeous.
  • If possible, pick a film that means something to the two of you – these are your engagement pics, after all!
  • Do your research by scouting out film stills online (and watching the film to refresh your memory) but don’t be limited by it. The idea is to use the movie as inspiration, and to see where that takes you.
  • Have fun with it! This is a great chance to learn to relax in front of the camera by doing a bit of acting, so take advantage of that and enjoy yourself.

For more brilliant tips on engagement sessions, check out this recent post on Rock ‘n Roll Bride.

So which movies would you recreate? Here’s some shoots I’d love to see…

*Ok, that last one there is just for me. And in case you don’t recognise it, is Say Anything. Which, if you haven’t checked out since the 80s, you totally should, even if it’s just for that standing-outside-her-house-with-a-boombox-playing-in-your-eyes scene. Sigh. My love for Lloyd Dobler/John Cusack continues. (And if I’d been one of the people who bumped into JC outside my friend Ros’s wedding six years ago, he totally would have loved me too. Just sayin’.)

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