Cozy Protea-filled Wedding at Old Haliwell by Kristi Smith

I swear, I am always so discombobulated when it comes to seasons. For one thing, right when I’m curled up in blankets drinking hot chocolate with my dog, my Aisle Society sisters are sipping sweet tea or heading for Martha’s Vineyard, or whatever it is they do over in the States when it’s summer. And right when we start getting summer vibes, there’s tons of autumnal wedding inspiration that hits the net. And then, of course, there’s the fact that we often feature weddings months after they happen, which is why now is the time of so many cold weather weddings and cozy receptions for me, and as much as I’m a summer girl, I LOVE it. Case in point: Anzél and Jaun’s Midlands celebration, which is cold weather wedding style done oh-so-right. Rich colours (including and inspired by beautiful Proteas and complemented by classic black), long sleeves (Anzél’s lace gown is to die for, and her bridesmaids are rocking black lace in a big way!), and cozy homemade touches like rusk favours and a rustic cheese wheel cake. Leaves on the ground, love in the heart – it’s wonderful. And be sure to read the couple’s story, because they have one of the cutest ‘how we met’ stories ever! Kristi Smith took these lovely, moody pics.

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