Real Wedding at Netherwood {Jana & Ruan}

It’s ironic that as I wrote this intro it’s POURING down with rain outside, since this is the second wedding this week that had to contend with erratic weather (thanks, climate change). But, like our bride and groom yesterday, Jana and Ruan didn’t let it spoil anything for them, and as well as enjoying a slightly rainier after ceremony carnival than planned, took advantage of the cosy fireplaces at their venue, Netherwood. It’s a great example of how a happy bride and groom will always result in happy guests, which is so much more important than the decor, really. Um, not that the decor takes a back seat here. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the bright colours Jana and Ruan chose for their tables and the way they used clever twists like books (almost like treasured scrapbooks the way they stuffed them with little bookmarks) for table numbers and bright napkins with menu bands that look like Pantone chips along the table. There are so many thoughtful touches here, like the instant camera ‘scavenger hunt’ they set their guests or the ‘love is brewing’ coffee favours, and don’t get me started on the ‘carnival’ itself, which included adorable fete food as well as lawn games. Everywhere I look there’s a stealable idea, so get ready to pore over the pictures and get your Pinterest on. Oh, but don’t skip the text, because Ruan pulled off the most AWESOME proposal, which I think would put any girl on cloud nine (literally!). I’m so excited to share this wedding with you – images are from Cape Town-based photographer Yvette Gilbert.Read More