Real Hen Party: The Hag Party

I love hearing from my readers. I know sometimes it might seem intimidating to mail a blogger (I feel the same way sometimes) but it’s really rewarding for us to hear about your wedding, your planning, etc. And besides, I spend all day working at home on my own with two cats, so a bit of life from the outside world can brighten up my morning. That was certainly the case when I opened up a mail from Caitlin and Matthew, a pair of recently-marrieds who couldn’t wait to share the story of their ‘hag party’ (hen/stag). Caitlin and Matthew’s love for their friends (who clearly adore them, considering the effort they put in to planning this shindig) and their enthusiasm for Cape Town really shone through, which I have extracted below and punctuated with snaps taken on the day. I loved that so much thought was put into the activities and that planners Muriel, Brendan and Philip went beyond the typical in organising the day – hopefully this will serve as a great inspiration to bridesmaids and best men, as well as a love letter to friendship and South Africa.

Dear Gaby
Please please bear with us. This may be the longest email you’ve ever received, but we really just feel like the world needs to know about what our amazing friends did for us before we got married! We are writing to you about the most spectacular Hen/Stag Day in the history of the universe. Take the stunning sunny brilliance of the Cape Peninsula, and against that backdrop put a day full of spunky, comfort-zone crushing, fun-loving, nature-exalting, pure love-filled adventures with friends in celebration of a marriage to take place on the other side of the world without most of the party people at hand. The sheer exuberance and bliss of the day was overwhelming; and we don’t know anyone as lucky as we are to have friends such as ours who made it all happen.Read More