Bright & Colourful Handmade Farm Wedding by Tasha Seccombe

One of the things I’ve most come to love about South African weddings is that so often those weddings that really stand out, that are beautiful and unique and filled with gorgeous ideas and unique details are weddings that are created from the ground up by the couple, their family and friends. What can I say, my countrymen and women are a talented bunch! Marli & Alexandru’s wedding is just such a special day – a handmade labour of love that belongs on the pages of any glossy wedding mag but is put together in a completely organic, non-matchy way. The flowers – many picked from the family garden that morning – are a riot of colour. The bride looks stunning in her bow-backed gown. The bridesmaids… SERIOUSLY love the bridesmaids’ off shoulder tops and mismatched skirts (channeling a bit of a Cuban vibe that I adore). Even the food is colourful and pretty. But what makes it even more amazing is that each of those details has a story that links it with the couple, or with the people that they love. Perfect, right? The wonderful Tasha Seccombe captured these spectacularly lovely images of the day.

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