Gift Guide: Wedding Pros

Santa’s comiiiiiiiiing! Yep, it’s true, and while most of our guides focus on your nearest and dearest, allow me for a moment to dwell on the lovely people who make MY job better, and who make YOUR weddings wonderful! Those people who very often start the year as a stranger and end it feeling like you’ve known them all your lives. I’m talking about your wedding pros! And of course there’s no obligation to buy him or her anything – whether it’s over the holiday season or even after the wedding (when most of these gifts would be totally appropriate too!), but sometimes that bond goes beyond the professional – for example, the planner who calmed you down through your ridiculous late night “will the napkins match?” panics, worked out a table plan that has kept old family feuds from kicking off, and best of all, kept you sane, so you can enjoy your wedding planning and this special time with your fiancĂ©. Or the photographer who made you look better at your engagement shoot than you thought you could, and all while giggling and enjoying time with your partner instead of stressing about the camera. Good wedding pros are worth their weight in gold, and the holidays are a great time to make them feel appreciated. So here are some fun ways I found to do just that, and BONUS – most of these will make PERFECT gift for your favourite small business owner or girlboss, whatever their industry! Links in bold denote affiliate links. SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.

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