Whimsical Colourful Wedding at White Light by Jack & Jane

This wedding is a delight, start to finish! A palette that’s like a breath of spring air (even though it took place in winter) – pastels and brights all mixed in like a meadow of wildflowers. A blush beauty of a wedding dress that’s as whimsical as they come, covered as it is with tiny butterflies (and if you’ve ever been into a butterfly house you’ll know what a magical experience that is, so I just love this idea!). Bridesmaids in glittering rose gold, an aisle lined with flowerpots, a groom in fashionable tweed, hanging flowers, watercolour stationery, bunnies…! Amy and Mark’s gorgeous big day had all of it and was filled with colour and love, right down to the shower of confetti that rained down on them as they took their first steps to music as husband and wife. The wonderful Jack and Jane were there to take these fantastic pictures!

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