DIY Bridesmaid Hair Roundup

So, as I mentioned this morning, I’m going to a wedding in a couple of weeks, and although I promised myself years ago that I would never do my own hair for another wedding (after that one time at band camp when it was 42 degrees in Stellenbosch and it all went horribly wrong), for various reasons, I’m going to have to. Which mean I’ve been browsing Pinterest and YouTube for tutorials on relaxed, easy updos. And I realised just how much is actually out there now in the way of fabulous DIY hair advice. Now as a bride, you’re still probably going to want to call in the professionals, but maybe the budget doesn’t stretch to having your girls’ hair done too, or maybe they just prefer to do it themselves, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be stuck with everyday hair unless they want to be. Today I’m rounding up fifteen gorgeous styles – many of them really easy – that would be absolutely perfect on bridesmaids. Just click through to the links for each tutorial, and don’t forget to do a practice run!

1. Messy French Twist via Once Wed (credit: Irrelephant)

2. High Curly Bun via The Freckled Fox
3. Fishtail Braid via Once Wed (Credits: Our Labor of Love/Alison Brislin)

4. Twist & Flip Bun via The Beauty Department (Kristin Ess)
5. Fishtail Gibson via Brit + Co.

6. The Ballerina Bun via (Credits: Joshua M. Shelton/Emma Willis of Contour Fossa)
7. Twisted Top Knot via I Spy DIY (Tyler Laswell)

8. Easy Chignon via Yet Another Beauty Site
9. Twisted Sister via The Beauty Department (Credits: Justin Coit/Kristin Ess)

10. 2 Minute Updo via Hello Natural
11. Half-up Fishtail Braid via Yet Another Beauty Site

12. High Braided Crown via Hair Romance
13. 1950s Inspired Ponytail via The Beauty Department (Kristin Ess)

14. Knotted Bun via Once Wed (Credit: Bryce Covey/Heidi Marie Garrett)
15. Curls & Ribbon via Camille Styles (Credit: Martha Lynn/Kate Stafford)