DIY ‘Wolfpack’ Wedding Programs

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to reader Claudine, who showed us how to put together a whisky bar, as she did for her wedding. Today Claudine is back with a second post sharing one of her DIY projects – what she charmingly calls a ‘wolfpack’ program. Anyone who’s ever been stuck in a church waiting waiting waiting for the bride to arrive will know that it’s about ten minutes of smiling excitedly, looking around and waving at old friends, five minutes of shuffling and glancing at the door, and then sheer boredom until the big arrival. Which, depending on how punctual you are, could be anything from five minutes to an hour (and yes, I have been there, and in a freezing church nogal). I’m  not encouraging bride’s prerogative-style lateness, but if you want to make sure your guests are entertained, this program is a great way to handle that, plus it doubles as a fan in case of hot weather. It includes the wolfpack – introductions to the wedding party – and a fun wordsearch. And it’s been a huge hit among other brides already. So here we go! Thanks Claudine! (PS All images are by Laura Versveld, and you can also see the whole of Richard and Claudine’s wedding on Lovilee.)


When we started looking at wedding programs, we knew we wanted something fun, light-hearted and entertaining. I often sit at a wedding and as much as I am caught up in the beauty of the words I do tend to read and re-read the program in front of me. We decided that we wanted something that would entertain our guests and celebrate the people involved in our day. Searching the internet, we found the wolfpack wedding programs – a light-hearted breakdown of the wedding proceedings. Then we spotted a wedding program with a wordsearch – extra entertainment! We saw A5 wedding programs attached to sticks to create a fan. We wanted all three! I went to a few wedding stationers who listened to my ideas, laughed at me and tried to talk me out of it. We were adamant, we wanted our wedding programs. If there was an example on the internet, then it could be done! So we sat down, used Microsoft Publisher and began designing.

The result was our own wolfpack wedding program that introduces the people who were a part of our day, shares the music we chose, offers a wordsearch for entertainment, explains the rest of the proceedings and thanks everyone for being there.

How to:

  • Using the handy template reproduced in MS Word format, edit the wedding program to suit your colours, personality and wedding proceedings and create your own wolfpack wedding program.
  • Have a printer print the programs on A5 paper (or if you’re handy with a printer, do this yourself at home). A good printer can even cut lovely round corners for you if you don’t like the rectangular shape.
  • Purchase a box of tongue depressors. We found them at Dischem for R8.50 a box. My friend bought them straight from her dentist for R30.
  • Using glue or double-sided tape, attach the programs to the wooden sticks.
  • Purchase half pencils from a speciality stationer or buy full pencils, chop them in half and sharpen.
  • Tie the pencil to your wooden stick with a pretty ribbon.
  • Tuck the pencil under the ribbon and present your lovely programs to your guests.




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