Lovely Long Veils

Get ready for some beautiful inspiration friends, because today we’re talking veils. And not just veils. These are veils and a half: cathedral (or at least chapel) length, full-scale veily gorgeousness. There’s no messing around with these veils. They mean business. But let’s rewind a sec, because while this certainly isn’t a new thing, it’s definitely a trend. Back when I started this blog a few years ago, you couldn’t find a long veil for love nor money. It was all about the birdcage then. And then it was about flowers and braids and floral crowns. But slowly, I started to see these beautiful veils creeping into my peripheral vision. And each time they did, I would do a double take. Veils started making a comeback, especially dramatic full-length ones. Then Kate Moss did it, and it was officially a Thing. And here we are. And I have to tell you ladies, I LOVE this look. I mean, I still like other veil types, but this is hands down my current fave. Whether plain or patterned, cathedral length veils make a style statement, and the good news is (as you’ll see from my roundup of lovely below) that they go with a huge variety of dress types and wedding styles. So go on. Go long. You know you want to.

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