Fairytale Bride #3: The Dress

First confession…
I was never one to dream up my entire wedding as a little girl but I must say that there have always been a few elements of that special day that I have been very sure about…the dress being one. This is because I have always known exactly what I want to feel like on that day – in love for one, but also enchanted, dreamy, beautiful and as if I am living my very own fairytale. Therefore, I’ve always known that it has to be a princess dress as it is the one day in your life where you should most certainly feel like an absolute princess!

Sources: Vera Wang (left); Judy Pak Photography via Style Me Pretty (right)

Second confession…
I’ve had my eye on the perfect dress since I was 16 years old. It’s one that made my jaw drop to the ground the very first time I saw it. It is timeless, feminine, elegant, beautiful. It is simply perfect.

Third and last confession for the day…
When that new world opened up to me (that world of suddenly being engaged and having a wedding to plan for!), as embarrassing as this may sound…it took me about two weeks to decide on AND buy my dress. Yes. Two weeks. Yikes. I also quickly learned that the Number One question over this 18-month journey has been: “Do you have your dress yet?” My response may have been slightly tweaked at times and I definitely increased that two week period to about a month, just to sound a tad less ridiculous!☺ Oh well, for me it has been perfect. A major decision I was able to tick off very early on. Quite refreshing actually. I’ve clearly just had to make sure that I only overindulged in my favourite baked treats on rare occasions!

There were two styles of dress inspiration that I really loved – both would have me feeling exactly as I wanted to on the day. First of all, whimsical, open-back, lacy and elegant…

Sources: Row 1 – Rime Arodaky (left); Wanda Borges (right); Row 2 – Landa at I Am Yours Now /Claire Pettibone via Bridal Musings; Row 3 – via {Mag}Rouge (left); Shareen Vintage (right)

Or secondly, the feminine, décolleté-showing, loved-up tulle look?

Sources: Row 1 – Justin James Photography; Row 2 – Matthew Alvarado of Beloved/Vera Wang via Vera Unveiled (left); Vera Wang via Pinterest (centre); Justin James Photography/Vera Wang via Swooned (right)

You’ll have to get on Robin’s bandwagon and wait until the big day to find out – the actual dress and dress designer remains a secret but one thing is for sure…I will certainly be feeling like a real princess that day and I cannot wait! One thing I can share now – my veil will be lovingly long. It is once in a lifetime after all, right?

Source:W Studios New York

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