Real Wedding at Delsma Farm {Terri & Tim}

When looking at weddings, I often see that little verse crop up: “Today I marry my best friend”. And it’s such a special thing about relationships, how the person you fall in love with becomes your friend as well as your partner. But sometimes you come across a couple who really have married someone who was their best friend first. It’s a rare and wonderful thing, and today’s couple are it. I can’t even imagine how amazing that must be, but you can see Terri and Tim glowing with it on their wedding day. Aaaah! Not to mention all the other gorgeyporgeyness. Oh, just you wait. The bride’s dress? Amazeballs. Terri said it made her feel like a princess and wow, did it ever make her look like one! Bridesmaids dresses? White. SO cool, so on trend. In fact, all the guests wore light colours, and Terri mentions the way it gave everything a 1920s vibe, which I also happen to love. Dessert? Sweets bar. Entertainment? One of the coolest photobooths I have yet seen with a massive selection of props. It all adds up to an absolutely dreamy celebration at Delsma Farm, captured by the very lovely Cheryl McEwan. You can find out more about Cheryl on the blog tomorrow, but let me just say, this lady has a talent for bringing out the beautiful in everyone she photographs. I could have done a whole post on just the pictures of Terri, and it was really hard to narrow them down. You’ll see what I mean…

From the gorgeous bride:
Tim is originally from Belgium, he moved to SA when he was 12. We met about 15 years ago when we were in high school. We lived one road apart so we used to walk home from school together. Tim and I have basically been best friends ever since. We lived together twice, Tim spent his Christmases with my family, he dated my friends and I dated his, we were there through each other’s heartbreaks and we shared lots of important moments together. While I was living abroad we chatted daily – he was my constant while I missed home, and over this time he asked me to come home to give us a try. That year we went on holiday to Mombasa, Kenya and we made it official. Two years later he proposed. This is truly a story of me marrying my best friend. Tim designed the engagement ring and the day he collected it, it was clearly burning a hole in his pocket – he proposed to me in our flat in Cape Town about five minutes after getting home – he couldn’t contain himself. Needless to say I said yes!

We are both quite minimalistic, so we went for a plain but elegant and romantic look. Our main colour/theme was white with mirrors and lots of candles. White tablecloths with a mirror runner, loads of big white candles and white roses in mirror vases. We found the venue through one of my friends (one of my bridesmaids); she and her husband are good friends with the owners of Delsma Farm. We loved their massive modern hall, the hands-on owners and the fact that it would be a weekend away wedding, Delsma itself could accommodate about 40 of our guests and Riebeek Kasteel is a magical area.

We wanted our guests to be relaxed and have a party. Tim and I are entertainers – we love hosting dinners and parties and I think this came across at the wedding. It was a real celebration! Everyone partied from beginning to end.

Guests were encouraged to wear white or light colours. The combination of white dress code and the candles gave it a Gatsby-like feel, and it looked gorgeous. We had a sweet table that sported about R2,000 worth of white and cream sweets – this was a major highlight among the guests. We also had a photo booth, and made about 80 signs – they were fun, crazy and personal. This was a major hit.

My family and friends were all there for our special day – about 30 people flew in from all over of the world which was incredibly moving. I have a massive family and a few of them are living in other countries (Germany, New Zealand, Canada and the Middle East) and they all flew in for the wedding. I have also travelled quite a bit – I lived in England, Germany, Australia and the Middle East. Special friends that I had met through my travels also flew down for the wedding. These foreigners ended up being a huge part of the wedding… from my Moroccan friend Majda taking the floor with her belly dancing to my Irish friend Sharron moving her feet like a scene from Riverdance. All the nationalities were incorporated into the speeches, and when someone made a reference to a country, that country would start cheering. It made everyone feel included and it definitely brought everyone together.

The Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and some of the guests spent a month learning a flash mob dance to the Black Eyed Peas ‘Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night’. They took over the dance floor and all the guests started dancing at different parts of the song and more people started dancing as the song continued. It was fantastic! This was organised by my awesome bridesmaids.

My advice to future bride is to start the organising as early as possible; there are a million things that you need to do, and the earlier you start, the less stress you will have closer to the time. Get references on suppliers, it’s important that they are there for you on the day. Besides that, the day goes by in a flash – enjoy every second of it!

Thanks thanks thanks to Terri & Tim, for sharing your beautiful day! And a big round of yays for Cheryl. As always, you can see more on her blog here.

Venue & catering: Delsma Farm | Photography: Cheryl Mcewan | Marriage officer:Tertius Spies | Florist & decor: Charlie’s Angels – Bronwyn, Lorraine, Edith and Cheryl | Cake: Nelie du Toit | Stationery: Renee Nesbitt | Bride’s dress: Oleg Cassini at Bride & Co. | Bridesmaids’ dresses: Marisha Eygelaar | Groom: Pringle | Hair: Scar Hair Salon | Makeup: Leigh-Ann Benedict and Gabi | Hiring: Rent a Candle | DJ: Theo of Deejays Music

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