Supplier Spotlight: Ladies & Gentlemen

As you all know, I love featuring fabulous South African suppliers, and here’s one I have been meaning to call out for a while, because every time I come across one of Ladies & Gentlemen‘s custom cake toppers I am all, yay adorable! Because they are. The idea is that, instead of plonking some cheesy plastic bride and groom on top of your cake (okay, nobody does that anymore right?) you can have a hand-carved pair that have been painted up to look like you and the hubs. And not just painted – what really gets me about these cake toppers is the detailing and effort that owner Alison Sutcliffe-Smit goes into in recreating the bride’s dress or the flowers in the bouquet, or even the couple’s dog! Tiny protea bouquets, intricate illusion lace back dresses, furry ears (on the dog, not the bride and groom, fortunately), veils, etc. They’re sure to charm your guests, and make a really sweet memento of your big day (at least until your future kids steal them to play Barbies/dinosaurs). In fact, speaking of kids, for couples who already have them I think this is a lovely way of including them on the cake, since you can get mini figurines customised to make up the family. To give you an idea of what Ladies & Gentlemen do, here’s three pretty cakes and their owners…

Row 1- Yolande Marx; Row 2- Wesley Vorster on SBB; Row 3- Christine W.

Want more? Yes, of course you do. ;)

Find Ladies & Gentlemen on Facebook, or email Alison at [email protected]

Images: Row 4- Tamara Dawson (left); Row 5- Yolande Marx via The Pretty Blog (left); Haynes Photography (right); Row 6- via Splash Cakes; Row 7- Blackframe Photography (right); All other images via Ladies & Gentlemen facebook page


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