Mint & Blush Barn Wedding at Rosemary Hill by As Sweet As Images

When it comes to rustic chic, I think it’s safe to say that barn weddings are the gold standard. And our friends in the US have their pick of gorgeous venues, but barns aren’t exactly a South African wedding staple, which is why the ones we do feature are extra special. And when you take that rustic romance and add in a dream team of vendors, including SBB faves As Sweet As Images, it’s something super duper extra speciallisimo. With a cherry on top. Imagine a classic pastel palette of blush and mint (including bridesmaids in sweet floral crowns), a gorgeous lace sleeve gown for the blushing bride, a draped entrance to the barn ceremony, a breathtaking cake table, and a ceiling strewn with fairy lights and you’ll be on the right track. Lourens and Salome’s big day was all this and more, and I’m super excited to share it with you – the perfect way to close off our month of rustic wedding style!

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Romantic Barn Wedding at Rosemary Hill by Ginger Ale Photography {Christa & Jaco}

DIY details are always pretty awesome, but some of my favourite weddings are those where the bride or groom apply their particular creative talents to the big day, resulting in something that’s not just personal and special, but truly one of a kind. Today’s wedding is one of these – bride Christa is a ceramic artist and textile designer, and she created a series of absolutely gorgeous, unique fabric elements for her rustic chic wedding to Jaco. And speaking of Jaco, I love when we get to hear from our SouthBound grooms, and today’s wedding story is all in his words. Enjoy reading them, in between sighing over the breathtakingly romantic pictures by Ginger Ale Photography!Read More

Fynbos Garlands Natte Valleij Wedding by Abigail K. {Gem & Ben}

So there I was just a few weeks ago, declaring my love for garlands, and here’s a wedding that shows off everything I love about this gorgeous floral trend. They’re pretty, they’re whimsical, they’re rustic-pretty-perfection, and in the case of Gem & Ben’s gorgeous barn wedding, they’re fynbos, which makes the heart of this South African girl soar! But beyond the lovely greenery, there is so much more to love about this wedding from the fab Abigail K. – a palette of cool blues and greens with a touch of protea pink, the spectacular gardens of Natte Valleij bathed in ethereal light and OMG Gem’s amazing illusion back, frothy tulle skirt dress! This was a wedding where family was central, where love was tangible, and where lovers of rustic romantic style will find their home.Read More

Inspiration Board: Lavender Glam

Good morning everyone! I’m stuck in bed this morning with a horrible cold, but I don’t mind because I had the best weekend! A group of us headed to Devon for my friends Kate and Jim’s wedding, which was so heartfelt and lovely and reminded me again why I love weddings so much. I got to rock some head candy and shoe candy and a pretty dress, and we all danced until ridiculous o’ clock. There’s a few details I’ll be sharing with you all in due course, one of which is a little DIY to look out for this afternoon. In the meantime, here’s today’s inspiration board.

I’ve been wanting to do another lavender board for a while now, ever since the nice folks over at the East India Company sent me some lavender cordial to try. If you’re not familiar with the East India Company, they make an amazing array of teas and other delicacies, all of which are beautifully packaged and could make great favours or even decor pieces at your wedding. One of their top products is a line of cordials, which all make lovely additions to a signature cocktail or refreshing drink on your big day. Originally I’d been thinking along the usual shabby chic lines, but the more I looked, the more I fell in love with the weddings where couples had superimposed ballroom-level elegance onto rustic venues. Think chandeliers in a barn. Because why not? Why should you have to choose, and the mixture of two styles is utterly charming. Add in some gold metallic to balance the pretty purples, and you have a look that’s absolutely bang on trend and perfect for a bride who can’t choose between a wine farm and a Cape country venue.

Colours: Purple and gold

Top row (l-r): Lavender champagne; goat’s cheese cake; bride and bridesmaids (Samm Blake); mirrors in barn (Cameron Ingalls)
Row 2: Gold frame (Trent Bailey/Daughter of Design); gold shoes (Katherine O’ Brien Photography); lavender cordial from The East India Company; place setting (Lane Dittoe/Brooke Keegan); lavender boutonniere (Beaux Arts Photographie)
Row 3: Gold chairs (Beaux Arts Photographie/Kelly Oshiro); lavender bouquet with gold bangle (Andrea and Marcus); rustic glam barn decor (Mark Brooke Photographers); bride and groom

Note: This is not a sponsored post and The East India Company is not a Cap Classique advertiser, but they did send me some of their product to try. Thanks, East India Company!