Hanging Centrepieces

So when I mentioned hanging centrepieces as one of the top trends for 2016, I didn’t mean that hanging decor or even hanging florals were a new thing. In fact, their momentum has been building for a while now. But when it comes to choosing hanging centrepieces instead of lush table runners, or in addition to on-table centrepieces, this is their moment. I’ve been watching more brides requesting this over the last year, and some of our most talented florists (not to mention those overseas) creating new and wonderful creations that push the boundaries of this trend. There’s never been a better moment to look up.

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Farm to Table

Credits: see below

It’s Wednesday Trendsday, lovelies, and to follow up on the post a few weeks ago with fruit and vegetable bouquets (how much did we LOVE them?), today I’m focusing on ten tables, centrepieces and place settings that look like they came straight from a farmer’s market. This little wedding theme is a fun translation of the growing farm to table movement as well as part of the beautiful botanicals trend, and floral designers and savvy brides around the world have come up with the most beautiful ways of presenting unexpected additions to the table, including edible ones. Putting one of these tables together is a little like arranging a still life for a painter – it’s certainly no haphazard dumping of produce on a table, and neither should it look so organised that it reminds guests of a supermarket veggie aisle. Shape, texture and colour are all there to be played with, and I for one love the results!Read More

New Ways with Proteas {Centrepieces}

Source: Adam Barnes/Petal via Wedding Chicks

A few weeks ago, we looked at some of the gorgeousness and variety that has been floating around the web in the form of protea bouquets, from pincushions to kings to Blushing Brides. Today I’m showcasing ten gorgeous centrepieces, also containing proteas, from weddings around the world. I love every one of them, and although proteas work beautifully on their own, I’m amazed how striking they can be with other flowers and interesting containers. So much lovely inspiration for South African brides! And remember, you can always find the latest protea looks on the SBB ♥ Proteas Pinterest board.Read More