Hanging Centrepieces

So when I mentioned hanging centrepieces as one of the top trends for 2016, I didn’t mean that hanging decor or even hanging florals were a new thing. In fact, their momentum has been building for a while now. But when it comes to choosing hanging centrepieces instead of lush table runners, or in addition to on-table centrepieces, this is their moment. I’ve been watching more brides requesting this over the last year, and some of our most talented florists (not to mention those overseas) creating new and wonderful creations that push the boundaries of this trend. There’s never been a better moment to look up.

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Best of 2015: Bouquets

It’s that time of the year again, lovelies, when we start rounding up all our faves from the year that was. And what a pretty year it was too! I thought I’d start things off with a bang, with our Top 20 bouquets, because let’s be honest, I LOVE a good bouquet! This year there’s been a huge variety – pops of bright colour, soft rustic nudes and whites, lots of greenery and creativity and texture. These are the florals that got the most love from you all on Facebook and Pinterest and Insta, and some of my favourites too. Basically, the best of the best! Let’s get inspired.Read More

20 Wedding Bouquets with Feather Details

Oh I do love a good bouquet roundup! I swear, I could browse through pictures of flowers all day. For a boho wedding, there are lots of options – think loose, unstructured bouquets or little posies, wildflowers, proteas, or greenery. But one look I really love because of the extra texture it has to it is the bouquet with feather accents. I’m particularly fond of pheasant feathers (as you’ll see by this roundup, are many floral designers!) but guinea feathers, ostrich, wild turkey… you name it. As always though, I’d urge you to try to ensure that the feathers you use are ethically sourced. That said, here are 20 absolutely beautiful arrangements in an amazing range of colours and styles – pick your favourites to inspire!Read More

A SouthBound Guide to Bouquet Types

Happy Friday, loves! What do you have planned for the weekend? Before we head off, I thought it was time for some education, SBB style. As much as I advocate hiring great wedding pros and then trusting them to do their job for you, you’ll want to give them an indication of the kind of styles and ideas you have in mind. Pics are great, but there’s some wedding-speak that will help communicate those ideas (so that you’re not like me at a hairdresser: “short, but not, like, short short”) and that’s what this glossary is all about. So today I’m breaking down the most common bouquet types, with lovely, pinnable examples of each!

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Wedding Flowers: Blushing Bride Protea

Blushing Bride Proteas

Move over, kings and pincushions – there’s a new bridal protea in town! Okay, not new exactly, but this season blushing bride proteas (maybe the most perfectly named wedding flower ever) have really come into their own. This recent SBB wedding featured a ton of them, and I had quite a few queries about what the pretty blush blooms with the lacey edges were, so I thought it was time for a dedicated roundup. One of the things I love best about blushing bride protea flowers is that they’re native to SA and, while you can find them all over the world now, they are one of our very own. The story has it that they’re nicknamed blushing brides because men on their way to propose to their beloveds would wear one in their buttonhole, and everyone in town would know (hence the bride’s blushes) – true or not, it’s such a sweet story! I absolutely love them on their own, but combined with other flowers, fillers and even berries, they add a special something in terms of texture to any arrangement. With a combination of romantic folklore, South African pride and sheer gorgeousness, they are perfect for your wedding day. Here are some of my favourites from around the web. *This post contains affiliate links. The cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.

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Wedding Flowers: Hydrangeas

Image: J. Crew

It’s been a while since I did a focus on just one flower type, but I think that a shout out for hydrangeas is long overdue. Along with the trends for lush but affordable flowers as well as watercolour/ombre, hydrangeas have become way more popular in the last couple of years, and I couldn’t be happier about it. There’s something about them that just epitomises summer for me. They also come in a beautiful range of colours (even within the same bloom – hence the watercolour effect). There’s just one caveat: these are seasonal flowers, and they’re usually at their peak for 2-3 weeks, changing colour as they go. So if you’re buying them yourself (or even sometimes if you’re using a florist), you may need to be a little bit flexible on the exact shade you’re using. That said, they’re worth it for their price point and ability to fill up a bouquet with a small number of blooms. Use them on their own, or together with other flowers – both ways are truly lovely. Here are some of my absolute favourite hydrangea bouquets and arrangements.Read More

Mismatched Bridesmaid Accessories Part 1 {Bouquets}

Source: Stephanie Williams Photography via Before the Big Day

One of the biggest trends of the last couple of years has to be the move away from uniform bridesmaid dresses, to putting your girls in a variety of styles or colours that complement each other. I still get a little thrill whenever I see this done well, and I know that it’s made many bridesmaids themselves happy, including me. But what if you really want your girls to wear the same dresses, and still want to distinguish them? To let them each express their personality a little? Then this series of posts is for you. In Part 1 we’ll be looking at the mini-trend of individual bouquets. This has to be one of my all-time favourite bridesmaid trends! Probably because of how much I love flowers – the idea of having several beautiful bouquets instead of just one with variations really excites me.Read More