20 Wedding Bouquets with Feather Details

Oh I do love a good bouquet roundup! I swear, I could browse through pictures of flowers all day. For a boho wedding, there are lots of options – think loose, unstructured bouquets or little posies, wildflowers, proteas, or greenery. But one look I really love because of the extra texture it has to it is the bouquet with feather accents. I’m particularly fond of pheasant feathers (as you’ll see by this roundup, are many floral designers!) but guinea feathers, ostrich, wild turkey… you name it. As always though, I’d urge you to try to ensure that the feathers you use are ethically sourced. That said, here are 20 absolutely beautiful arrangements in an amazing range of colours and styles – pick your favourites to inspire!Read More

Feather Wedding Dresses

It always amazes me that when most women start thinking about and planning (and talking about) their wedding, the first thing they think about (and the one detail that matters above all others) is the dress. Two years ago, when I started the blog, I would have told you that dresses were what I was least interested in. I mean, they all looked the same anyway, right? (Okay, to be fair, a few years ago at the height of the strapless A-line tsunami, they kind of did all look the same.) Well, I have to admit that that has changed (thanks in no small part to a minor obsession with Vera Wang). I still think the other details of the wedding – colour schemes, stationery, details – are more interesting, but now I also drool a bit when a beautiful gown catches my eye. And of all the trends in wedding dresses of the last season, none has caught my eye quite like the use of feathers (usually ostrich). Like ruffles, only better. It must be heaven to float down the aisle in one of these beauties, whether it’s feather embellishments, a feather bodice (so Swan Lake) or a full feather skirt that seems to froth around the wearer like a wave. Many designers have incorporated feather textures in their 2012/2013 collections, so I thought it was about time I brought you an inspirational roundup!Read More