A Day at the Circus Engagement Shoot by Elandre Montgomery

Hello lovelies! I am full of a cold today (struck down in the pribe of libe, as Monica from Friends would say), and have spent the morning in bed alternately sleeping and feeling sorry for myself, so no wedding for you today, sorry. Worry not, you’ll be seeing it tomorrow morning instead. For now, the best possible way to cheer myself up is by sharing this super super fun engagement shoot. Not just circus themed, you guys, but shot in a circus. Because the couple (Daniela & Angus) are professional clowns – Daniela is actually part of the Boswell Wilkie dynasty, as the granddaughter of its founder and ringmaster. How INCREDIBLY cool is that? This would put a smile on anyone’s face – and is perfectly captured by Elandre Montgomery!Read More

Hen Party Theme: Circus

Image via Pinterest

Time for the weekend, lovelies! Hope you have a good one planned. Before I get on to today’s feature, I wanted to apologise for things being a little slower than usual here on the blog (and on my email, sorry anyone who’s been in touch!) – if you follow on Facebook you’ll know I managed to sprain a finger (nothing serious, but having your right index finger strapped to your middle one kind of gets in the way of typing very quickly!). Things will be 100% back to normal next week. Hey, these things happen, right? ANYWAY, so it’s been a while since I did a hen party theme roundup, and I’m very excited about this one! Circus weddings have been a big trend in the last couple of years, and I adore them, but not everyone wants to go so ‘themey’ for their actual wedding. The perfect solution? A Big Top Bridal Shower! SUCH a fun theme, and you can really make it classy (and shape it around whatever level of activity you’re planning).Read More

Real Circus Wedding {Michelle & Werner}

Roll up, roll up! The circus is in town!

Thought our real weddings were finished for the week? Boy do I have a Friday treat for you! If you follow Cap Classique on Facebook (and if you don’t, I’d just love it if you did!), you’ll know that I guest posted earlier this week on the lovely Christie’s blog, Hindsight Bride, with a very special wedding. Remember when you were a kid and the Boswell Wilkie Circus was in town? (Massive excitement!) Well, Michelle and Werner actually got to have their wedding at the Boswell Wilkie circus! How unbelievably cool is that? VERY, that’s how.

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