Real Life Bride #11: The Bridal Showers

I am one lucky girl. That’s all I can really say about the amount of love and spoiling that went into the pre-wedding events planned by my wonderful friends and family during my visit to South Africa. Apart from planning one heck of a bachelorettes, my bridesmaids planned not one, but two beautiful love-filled kitchen teas of note. It doesn’t get much better than that.

It all started when, on a Friday night, my sister picked me up from a dinner party with some random person laying in the back of the car. I immediately figured it must be one of her friends who had a bit too much to drink, when suddenly out jumped my dearest friend Inge, with a big smile on her face. She had flown down from Pretoria to surprise me (and to attend the weekend’s activities I would later learn about).

Okay, I was a little suspicious what with someone flying down for a random weekend, but my sister (who I now know is a very good liar), played everything so cool and had me convinced that we were simply going wine tasting the next day, to be followed by a boozy winefarm lunch in Franschhoek. So off we went for a “bridesmaid bonding day”.

I was so busy chatting (and chatting… and chatting…) to my friend, whom I hadn’t seen in months, that I didn’t really pick up on what was going on around me. We walked into the Green House at Babylonstoren and I looked up to find a table full of some of the most special ladies in the world and my MOM! She, as it turned out, also secretly flew down for the weekend. I had to fight hard to keep emotions intact and not become completely overwhelmed by the enormity of such a big moment.Read More

Hen Party Theme: Circus

Image via Pinterest

Time for the weekend, lovelies! Hope you have a good one planned. Before I get on to today’s feature, I wanted to apologise for things being a little slower than usual here on the blog (and on my email, sorry anyone who’s been in touch!) – if you follow on Facebook you’ll know I managed to sprain a finger (nothing serious, but having your right index finger strapped to your middle one kind of gets in the way of typing very quickly!). Things will be 100% back to normal next week. Hey, these things happen, right? ANYWAY, so it’s been a while since I did a hen party theme roundup, and I’m very excited about this one! Circus weddings have been a big trend in the last couple of years, and I adore them, but not everyone wants to go so ‘themey’ for their actual wedding. The perfect solution? A Big Top Bridal Shower! SUCH a fun theme, and you can really make it classy (and shape it around whatever level of activity you’re planning).Read More

Hen Party Theme: Twilight

You didn’t think I’d let this week go by without something Twilight-related, did you? I have to admit, although a few years ago I never would have thought I’d be a fan, I can’t WAIT to go and see the latest film. A wedding! In a forest! Jacob with his shirt off! All my favourite things. I’m guessing lots of you will be feeling the same way, and although it may sound a bit cheesy, Twilight actually makes a great little theme for a bachelorette or hen party (assuming the bride is a fan, of course!). Here’s everything you need to know to make it Twi-umphant rather than Twi-hard, and turn your bestie into a bitten smitten kitten.

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Rock ‘n Romance Hen Night: The DIY

In terms of DIY, I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert. I take on craft projects on a need-to basis – when I need to make something, I figure out how to do it. And I could pretend that I am one of those super awesome creative people who came up with all the completely original projects for Heidi’s hen night all on my own, but I didn’t. I did exactly what most of you do. I found things I needed and liked on this here internet, and I adapted them. I learned by doing, and I made things up where necessary. It was time consuming, and fun, and crazy, and I’m pretty sure my housemate (who happens to be a beefy rugby player) mustn’t have loved the den of pink and girliness that our dining room table became (cheers, Mark!), but it was 100% worth it to see everything come together on the day. So I thought I would share my DIY inspirations and links, so that you can see how to follow and adapt them to create something YOU love. The best thing is that many of these can be used for other parties, or weddings – whatever takes your fancy.

The Invitations

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London Hen Night

Happy Tuesday, folks! Instead of a wedding, today we have a real hen party, organised by yours truly for my lovely friend Heidi. It’s actually kind of nervewracking showing off something I’ve designed myself, especially since the printer and I had a little last minute disagreement (machines! pff!) and the fonts are a little, shall we say, pedestrian as a result. Fortunately, I’m pretty sure that Cheryl McEwan could make anything look good with her beautiful photographs. She seriously went above and beyond for us, and I cannot sing her praises loudly enough. (I’m only sorry she’s leaving London, but our loss is Cape Town’s gain!)

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