Clinton Lotter 2015 Collection

Did you ever take a look around and realise just how many South Africans are taking over the world? It makes me super proud of our little nation. And of course, we have a tradition of innovative fashion designers, which is why I love showcasing the work of homegrown talents. Some have flown our borders, like the phenomenal Clinton Lotter, whose work I first came across a few years ago while browsing through the racks at Blackburn Bridal in London – I was immediately in love, and I’ve showcased every one of his collections ever since. So I thought it was about time we took a peek at what 2015 has to offer, courtesy of an eye-catching lookbook that’s very Game of Thrones chic! Whether you’re winning battles or winning hearts, doing it in one of these gowns is the height of glamour.Read More

Clinton Lotter 2013/2014 Collection

You know, I thought I was in love with South African-born, London-based wedding dress designer Clinton Lotter‘s 2012/2013 collection (okay, I definitely was). But this season’s collection is just… beyond. I’d go so far as to say that the Mia dress is my absolute favourite of all dresses I have seen this year so far. I mean, beautiful floor length French lace, covered buttons, a portrait back, a slinky silk crepe sheath and the most perfect combination of ivory and blush imaginable. And that’s just one of the gowns in this collection. Each of them is so elegantly tailored and has its own unique touches and details – I just can’t wait to see them on real brides. They’re exclusively sold through Blackburn Bridal in London, so those of you based in the UK, book your fitting!Read More

Clinton Lotter 2012/2013

It’s Friday folks, and that means time for some pretty dresses! I am always saying that South Africans are secretly taking over the world, and it always makes me smile when I come across homegrown talent over here. That was the case when I found myself fawning over some beautiful gowns on my last visit to Blackburn Bridal in London, and was told that they were by South African (now London-based) designer, Clinton Lotter. So I thought that this was the perfect collection to bring to you today. It’s available exclusively at Blackburn, so UK based brides should head over there to try some of these delicious creations on.Read More