Hair Inspiration: Gatsby Glam

Sources (l-r): The Nickersons/via Vintage Tea Roses/Willow Moone

Fact: I am more than a little bit obsessed with Gatsby right now. Although it’s not a new thing – the novel is one of my favourite books, and I have had a huge crush on the ’20s since I read it as a teenager. And I am also a huge, huge Baz Luhrmann fan. After the movie tanked with reviewers last year, I was so nervous to see it, but I ADORED every second of that film. No kidding, I watched it three more times on the flights from the UK to Dubai and Dubai to Durban last month. Now I won’t go into the many reasons why it’s one of my new favourite movies, except for one – Gatsby styling is awesome. The dresses, the hair… wouldn’t we all want to play dress up as Daisy Buchanan for one night? Incredibly flattering. So it’s really no surprise that I love the 1920s trend that has made its way into weddings (and stayed) – what is surprising to me in a way is just how popular it has been with everyone else. The post I did a couple of months ago on Gatsby bridesmaid dresses turned out to be one of your all-time faves, and it got me thinking that maybe it would be fun to do a hair feature on 1920s and 1930s-inspired styles. They’re not period replicas, but this series of beautiful (very flattering) styles incorporates some 1920s trademarks – finger waves, bobs, beautiful hair accessories, soft buns curled into the nape. I dare you not to fall in love with one, or several… old sport.Read More

Hair Inspiration: The Boho Bride

Sources (l-r): Clayton Austin; The Robertsons; Plum Pretty Sugar

It’s been a while since we had some hair inspiration on SBB, but I know from Pinterest that it’s something you brides-to-be are always looking for. If you’re anything like me, i.e. incapable of explaining what I want to a hairdresser without a picture, then it’s no wonder. So today we’re bringing you a gorgeous selection of inspiring looks, from loose curls to braids and updos. There’s one thing they all have in common, and that’s that they’re perfect for the boho bride. Flower crowns optional!Read More

Clinton Lotter 2012/2013

It’s Friday folks, and that means time for some pretty dresses! I am always saying that South Africans are secretly taking over the world, and it always makes me smile when I come across homegrown talent over here. That was the case when I found myself fawning over some beautiful gowns on my last visit to Blackburn Bridal in London, and was told that they were by South African (now London-based) designer, Clinton Lotter. So I thought that this was the perfect collection to bring to you today. It’s available exclusively at Blackburn, so UK based brides should head over there to try some of these delicious creations on.Read More

Make a Statement

Images: Wedding Concepts/Annemari Ruthven on SBB (left); Elizabeth Messina/Stylish Silhouette/Canvas and Canopy Events via Green Wedding Shoes (centre); Kyle Hale via Green Wedding Shoes (right)

Ten years ago, if I’d been writing this blog (if blogs even existed then, which they probably didn’t), I’d no doubt have been telling you ladies to style your (strapless, obvs) wedding dress with a simple pearl necklace or a diamond solitaire. Nothing too flashy, mind. And don’t get me wrong – diamonds and pearls are ALWAYS a good idea. But if it was me styling my wedding dress, I have to admit that I’d probably be looking in the direction of a trend that has grown and grown among brides – the statement necklace. A few years back, my dear friend Kath rocked this herself, wearing the most gorgeous chunky creation made from various brooches and heirlooms – it looked amazing. And since then, I’ve seen brides in any number of bold and lovely pieces. Every time I do, it gives me a little fashion thrill. Of course, I’m a fan of statement jewellery in general, and this trend isn’t for every bride, but if you’re willing to take a risk, you can turn even a plain gown into a bit of a showstopper. In fact, a plain gown is often a better bet for a bit of styling – you definitely need to have a bit of balance. The other piece of advice is to make sure that whatever you’re doing with your hair allows the necklace to be shown off properly – up is better but long hair down can work, though it’s definitely something to check when you do your hair trial. You can go for bling, layers of pearls – even colour. Here are my most inspiring web finds.Read More