Inspiration Board: Wedgwood & Wildflower

Happy Monday, lovelies! It’s time for our weekly inspiration board, and today I am singin’ the blues. But the good kind. The kind that makes me think 2014 is the year that Something Blue becomes more than part of a motto for the bride. Now, don’t get me wrong, blue goes beautifully with many other colours, but lately I find myself drawn to the cool freshness that an all-blue palette can bring, especially when it combines a couple of interesting shades. It’s preppy and formal enough for a wedding, but bright and interesting too. I fell in love with the bouquet in this board from the second I saw it, and I adore how it mixes casual and formal, as well as two shades of blue with classic white. I thought it would make a great palette, but it wasn’t until I came across some lovely Wedgwood details that it came together – again, it’s the mix of formal and classic with a laid-back modern aspect that makes this so winning in my book! It really is the best of both worlds.

Colours: Cornflower blue, baby blue & white

Top row (l-r): Bouquet {Lisa Vorce/Kate Holt/Jose Villa}; bride {Virgil Bunao/Ooh Events}; monogram handkerchief {Bella Grace Studios/Allure Events}; shoes {Graham Terhune Photography}
Row 2: Wedgwood cookies; bridesmaids {Emily Steffen}; dress with monogram embroidery
Row 3: Invitation suite; wedding table {Carmen & Ingo/Doreen Winking}; flowers.


Real Farm Wedding {Kristy & Greg}

When I’m deciding which weddings to feature, there’s always something in the pictures that grabs me and makes me think “ooh!” (The Ooh Moment. It’s a Thing. Like Oprah’s Aha! Moment, but for weddings. And also, copyright me.) With this wedding, it was the colour scheme (followed by lots of other oohs as I looked more closely at the decor, especially the wall of mirrors). I just LOVED the way Kristy & Greg combined a sweet cornflower blue with soft cream and peach colours, and created this lovely romantic English country feel but in a farm location. And to be honest, I can see Kristy’s an SMP fan, because this has the same sense of refinement that makes me love the SMP style. But in the end, the real Ooh Moment TM for me with this wedding was when I was reading Kristy’s write-up. I always ask my brides what the three highlights of the day are for them, and this was what Kristy said: “Greg. He was by far my most favourite thing about the day. He’s my most favourite thing about every day!” Okay, maybe that’s more of an Aaah Moment, but either way, it made me smile. And I’ll bet you’ll be smiling to0, as you enjoy these beautiful images by the awesome Thea Cogill of Tink Photography (welcome to SBB, Thea!).Read More