Kate Spade Wedding Inspiration

It’s the last day of our fashion-dedicated content on SBB, and it’s been so much fun running this theme that I might just have to make it an annual thing. Before we move on to our next editorial theme though, I’m closing things of with the last of our gorgeous styled shoots for the month, which comes courtesy of photographer Christine Skari Photography and JenEvents. Together with their team, they created this gorgeous shoot inspired by one of my fave designers, Kate Spade, complete with sparkly linens, bold monochrome stripes and dots (including a fabulous cake!), playing card motifs, bows, a preppy chic bride and groom, and the most beautiful florals, in shades of pink and peach and coral (that bouquet!!) – all the things that epitomise the Kate Spade brand. It’s fun, and whimsical and happy and stylish, just like the designer who inspired it, and just happens to be absolutely perfect for a modern bride and groom with a love for colour and chic decor. Let’s fall a bit head over heels, shall we?

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Inspiration Board: Wedgwood & Wildflower

Happy Monday, lovelies! It’s time for our weekly inspiration board, and today I am singin’ the blues. But the good kind. The kind that makes me think 2014 is the year that Something Blue becomes more than part of a motto for the bride. Now, don’t get me wrong, blue goes beautifully with many other colours, but lately I find myself drawn to the cool freshness that an all-blue palette can bring, especially when it combines a couple of interesting shades. It’s preppy and formal enough for a wedding, but bright and interesting too. I fell in love with the bouquet in this board from the second I saw it, and I adore how it mixes casual and formal, as well as two shades of blue with classic white. I thought it would make a great palette, but it wasn’t until I came across some lovely Wedgwood details that it came together – again, it’s the mix of formal and classic with a laid-back modern aspect that makes this so winning in my book! It really is the best of both worlds.

Colours: Cornflower blue, baby blue & white

Top row (l-r): Bouquet {Lisa Vorce/Kate Holt/Jose Villa}; bride {Virgil Bunao/Ooh Events}; monogram handkerchief {Bella Grace Studios/Allure Events}; shoes {Graham Terhune Photography}
Row 2: Wedgwood cookies; bridesmaids {Emily Steffen}; dress with monogram embroidery
Row 3: Invitation suite; wedding table {Carmen & Ingo/Doreen Winking}; flowers.


Hen Party Theme: Gold Cup

Sources: Corbin Gurkin Photography via Style Me Pretty (left); Kurt Boomer/Stephan Pappas via Southern Weddings/Sugar & Charm (centre); Cambria Grace Photography/Lauren Wells Events via Style Me Pretty (right)

It’s been a while since I did a hen party/bridal shower theme roundup, but with Ascot in the UK and the Durban July in South Africa last month, I started dreaming up a horse racing themed shower that would give us girls a chance to dress up. Which we love, obviously. Plus, like all my favourite themes, this one’s versatile enough that it can be done in a sedate way, or with a little more alcohol involved for a hen/bachelorette. For inspiration, I turned to our American cousins, who have been throwing Kentucky Derby-themed parties for a good while now, and boy did they have a lot of prettiness to share! So here’s how I would go about throwing a fabulous Ladies Day bridal shower that will get your bride to the marriage finish line in style!Read More

Inspiration Board: The Lake House

Good morning, friends! Who’s ready for an inspiration-filled week? Well, I hope you are, because this week we have not one but FIVE reader requested inspiration boards to share with you. That’s a different board every day, and five different looks to fall in love with. And that’s alongside our usual raft of loveliness, so get ready to get in trouble with your IT department for stopping by SBB at least twice a day! ;) (Of course, if that’s a problem, you can always subscribe via email.) So let’s get started! Today’s board is for reader Ashley, who’s planning an autumn wedding at a lake house in Minnesota. How romantic does that sound? And romantic is the right word for the palette she’s chosen (LOVE): navy, mint and blush. Most autumn palettes are warm, but this combination of cool shades makes me think of those first chilly mornings by the water (how I miss my river runs!). Ashley’s theme for her wedding is ‘happy, love, best friends’ and she wants a mix of classic, vintage and casual comfy. I think we’ve struck the right balance here and I love the typographic elements – the invitation using the ‘today I marry my best friend’ quote and the thank you card at each guest place. The final result is soft but a little preppy, and very very pretty. Hope you like your board, Ashley!

Colours: Navy, mint & blush

Top row (l-r): Cocktail with blueberries {Chrisman Studios}; flower garland {KT Merry Photography/Beauty in the Making}; table with mint chairs {Martha Stewart}; thank you card; window with heart {Elizabeth Messina}
Row 2: ‘Today I marry my best friend’ invitation; bridesmaids with blush wraps {Emily Steffen Photography}; mint and clear vases {Laura Ashbrook Photography/Floral Occasions}; lemonade in mason jars {Ulmer Studios}
Row 3: Bride and groom on pier {Caroline + Ben Photography}; wrapped box; pink dress {Elizabeth Messina}; pink shoes; macaroons.


Inspiration Board: A Preppy Romance

Happy Monday, folks! The inspiration board requests have been flooding in lately, and I’ve been having so much fun turning your ideas into collages. This week I’m featuring two reader request boards that couldn’t be more different (look out for the other on Friday afternoon), starting with this piece of East Coast summery goodness. Philani wrote to tell me about her colour scheme of ‘new leaf green’ (isn’t that the sweetest way of describing it?) and white with touches of bright blue (I’ve gone for a sort of royal blue here, but this could be lightened up as far as aqua if Philani prefers). She described her style as ‘plain but elegant, kind of less is more’, which together with her colour choice immediately made me think of preppy style. Think Jackie O. – simple elegance is what this whole look is about. Stripes are a key component, as are fabrics like cotton and grosgrain, and the look is surprisingly easy to put together, especially if Philani focuses on relatively clean tables with bright green flowers and punches of blue in the napkins or stationery. I adore these bridesmaids in tops and striped skirts, and groomsmen in bowties are a must! For the bride, a relaxed but formal dress – maybe a full skirt with pockets – would be ideal. Serve signature cocktails with striped paper straws on the lawn, and don’t forget lots of lovely ribbon! Hope you like your board, Philani!

Colours: Apple green, royal blue and white

Top row (l-r): Wedding party {P: Jacque Lynn Photography; D: Events by LMG}; green striped bowtie; blue shoes {P: Elizabeth Scott Photography}; escort cards in bed of limes {P: Mishelle Lamarand Photography; D: La Fete}
Row 2: Blue and green love story invitation {D: Hello Tenfold}; blue and green table arrangement {P: Studio 28 Photography; D: The Green Ribbon Party Planning Co.}; green paper straws; wedding dress with pockets {P: Crystal Genes Photography}
Row 3: Room decor {P: Sarah Rhoads Photographers; C: Party Resources}; cocktail sticks with ribbon {P: Love Life Images; D: Simply Chic Events}; green bouquet with blue ribbon {P: Studio 28 Photography; D: The Green Ribbon Party Planning Co.}; bridesmaid with green striped skirt and blue top {P: Jacque Lynn Photography; D: Events by LMG}; green striped cake {P: Mary Ellen Bartley; C: Bijoux Doux Specialty Cakes}