Pastel Boho Styled Shoot by Kaitlyn de Villiers Photography

Happy Friday, friends! What do you have planned for this weekend? I have one of my besties in town, and we have tip top seats for the rugby on Saturday, so I am amped for that. Love me my Sharks! Anyway, before that happens, we have a day full of pastelly goodness here on the blog, starting with this sweet as candy styled couple shoot from Kaitlyn de Villiers. From pastel cocktails to delicious desserts to the most gorgeous floral crown, it indulges all of my girliest blush and mint/aqua fantasies. Hooray!Read More

Once Upon a Wedding Dress

Good morning lovelies! We’re about to kick off your Friday with some very pretty pictures, courtesy of Debbie Lourens Photography. I love when creatives take some time to play and experiment, and what I really love about this shoot (apart from the gorgeous crowns by Samantha Hanlon, my new happy find) is that Debbie used a vintage lace wedding dress, picked up on eBay. Although she didn’t know the history of the dress, she knew that it was over sixty years old, and started dreaming up a shoot around it. If you’re planning some pre-wedding portraits with your beloved, I think the idea of wearing a vintage dress is very cool – it’s what one of our own RLBs did, to stunning effect. Why not check out eBay and let your imagination run wild?Read More