Pigs & Pastels Hartford House Wedding by Knot Just Pictures {Micky & Brandon}

Pigs and pastels – I never thought I’d be introducing a piggy themed wedding, I must admit! But what I love about Micky and Brandon’s unusual theme is that it’s part of their personal story (it relates to Brandon’s nickname), and was a way of making sure that the wedding was a representation of both their styles and personalities. And I’ll bet it got some fond laughs from those who know and love them best when they discovered it! Micky cleverly mixed the motif with her own love of vintage, and the result is a mixture of English garden and English pub, with lush pastel florals all over the tables and those cheeky piggies making their appearances on table napkins, menus, etc. And can we just take a second to talk about Micky’s illusion lace wedding dress? WOW. It’s a showstopper. Definitely not a look every bride could carry off, but it fits her like a glove, and she looks amazing! I also love how the dress adds an extra element of couture and sophistication to the overall look. Knot Just Pics were there to capture every lovely moment and every unique detail, beautifully.Read More

Real Wedding at Hartford House {Mary-Lyn & Rowan}

“What’s the right amount of time,” someone asked me the other day, “to plan a wedding?”. And you know what, it’s a good question.┬áTraditional wisdom holds that a year is about right, but the fact is,┬ásome of the most gorgeous weddings we’ve featured here on SBB have been pulled together in just a few months. It all depends on what you want, your organisational skills, and your ability to make quick decisions and compromise. And what really helps when you’re pushed for time, is to find a GREAT venue, and take your cue from there. That’s just what today’s bride and groom did. They were already big fans of Zululand’s Hartford House, a gem of a boutique hotel that is situated on a country estate and stud farm. Horses and views, what could be more romantic? Mary-Lyn and Rowan didn’t try to compete with the aesthetic of the venue, just added pretty touches reminiscent of a wedding in the English countryside. I especially love Mary-Lyn’s ballet slippers and their garden ceremony by the fountain. It’s super elegant, and so are the photographs by the wonderful Alexis Diack – these pics just feel like they come straight out of a magazine. Sigh.Read More