Real Wedding at the Chartfield Guest House {Kate & Steve}

All weddings are lovely, no question. But there are some that seem to have a special kind of glow, where the joy and love seem to radiate from every photograph, on every face. Where I find myself smiling as I’m editing. Today’s is one of those. Kate and Steve are clearly made for each other, and they celebrated their union in a day that reminds me a little of a wedding in a French village, with a procession from the church, an open air reception under acres of bunting, sunset toasts and late night dancing. It’s just so LOVELY. And it’s inspiring, because it makes me want to rush out and discover new, unusual venues like the Chartfield Guest House, that showcase some incredible Cape views but lend themselves to this kind of relaxed celebration with a backyard feel. Even better, US photographer Julie Wilhite was in town to capture every detail as only she can – lucky for us she has a sister in Cape Town, as we just love featuring her work!Read More

A Touch of Red Engagement Shoot

I often have brides asking me how to style an engagement shoot (look out for a post on this soon), and I really love featuring couples who have got it right. It seems like a fussy thing, but it often just brings the pictures together and provides a visual focus apart from your location, so I’d always really recommend it. Today’s couple, Brigid and Quintin have gone for a striking touch of red, and it runs like a ribbon through their relaxed pics by Dan Calderwood, bringing a lovely sense of continuity. Dan’s new to the Cape photography scene, and I just love the sense of fun he brought to his pictures of this sweet couple, in one of the most photogenic spots in the Cape, Kalk Bay. Enjoy!Read More

Real Wedding at Olympia Cafe & Bakery {Vicki & Justin}

Surprise! That’s what today’s wedding is, literally. I’ve always loved the idea of a surprise wedding – there’s something that’s so heartfelt and quirky about it. So when I heard that one of my favourite wedding and lifestyle bloggers (Vicki of the amazing I Want That and I Want That Wedding brands) had a surprise wedding in favourite spot, Kalk Bay, I just knew I had to feature it. That was before I had even met Vicki properly (PS she’s just as fab in real life) and heard her and Justin’s story. And yes, heartfelt is definitely the word. The result is a laid back, intimate, special people-oriented wedding and couple shoot rolled into one that feels quintessentially Cape Town and 100% personal. And speaking of personal touches, how much do I LOVE the way Vicki and The Captain customised the ‘This is Your Life’ poster? It’s this kind of detail that makes me love the job I do. I also loved the way Vicki and Justin spent time having pics on their own and with his girls, together with the awesome Lar Leslie,before the big reveal. Read More

Kalk Bay Engagement Shoot

Ah, Kalk Bay. How I do love you. Except for the parking. True story: last time I went to Kalk Bay was a couple of months ago to meet my cousins for lunch. Beautiful hot day, summer Sunday afternoon… some kind of military show in Simonstown… traffic chaos. Kippie here decides to park right in the harbour, and let me tell you, after eleven years in London my parking skills are a**. Somehow I managed it, but came back to find an SUV wedged in next to me. What followed was ten minutes of stalling the car, twenty-point turning and an eventual offer from a complete stranger to drive my car out of the spot for me, which I politely declined before stalling the car yet again and finally getting on my way with the parking guard shaking his head after me. So. Humiliating. Meh, whatever, I still love Kalk Bay. And today I’m especially missing it as I’m featuring this sunny e-shoot by SBB friend and sponsor Cheryl McEwan. You saw her wedding last week, and today she’s showing you her moxy behind the lens. The result is a sweet and intimate engagement session for couple Riana and Shaun that captures the colour of this special part of the world. I especially love Riana’s styling – that dress is PERFECT for Kalk Bay! It’s definitely worth taking some time to think about the location of your shoot and dress to complement it (or the other way around) – I promise that the results will be worth it! Thanks for sharing, Cheryl!

Oh, and psssst! Come back later for another gorgey porgey wedding. Huzzah!Read More