Real Wedding at Morrell’s {Michelle & Grant}

Just like relationships, I love that weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Most of my friends have chosen to have the traditional 100-120 person wedding, some have gone smaller, one couple eloped just the two of them while travelling in New Zealand, and one had two weddings when family illness meant they had to push the ceremony forward by some months. Each wedding was perfect for the couple it honoured, their history and preferences and circumstances, just like the marriages they heralded. And I think that’s an important part of the wedding planning process – figuring out what’s right for the two of you. Today’s couple followed a non-traditional route, with a tiny elopement followed by a joyful party with their extended circle, and just like my friend with two weddings, it allowed them to really relax and enjoy their second party with their favourite people. Grant and Michelle were inspired by their lovely venue, Morrells, and took their cue from the decor for their colours and theme – another great tip for anyone just setting out on their planning journey! The result is a beautiful wedding with a bit of a vintage French/secret garden vibe, and comes complete with the sort of personal touches you know I love! The couple’s stunning, intimate pictures were taken by Schantel of Kiekie Photography.Read More

Real Farm Wedding {Nicola & Nick}

I think one of my favourite parts about working with real weddings every day is hearing the ‘how we met’ stories. That unique conglomeration of circumstance that puts two people in one place, at one time, on the same page, in the same headspace, where they can fall in love. We’re funny creatures, human beings, full of sharp corners and rough edges, so it’s pretty incredible to me sometimes that this happens at all. But it does. Every day. It’s like a series of tiny miracles. And some of my favourite stories are of the people who don’t see each other across a crowded room and immediately: thunderbolts; but rather find that timing is everything. Nick and Nicola are one of those couples – I don’t know them, but based on the fact that we were all at Stellenbosch at the same time, I’m pretty sure I bumped elbows with both of them at the Terrace at some point or another. They were just friends. And then, one day, they were more than friends. Another tiny miracle. There’s so much happiness in these lovely pictures from brand new SBB contributor Kiekie Photography (welcome, Schantel!), and all the fun of a rustic, family-oriented, down-home barn wedding. And I love the little details, especially the light-hearted chalkboard quotes. To paraphrase one of them, moments like these are avocado bits in the salad bowl of life. Enjoy!Read More