Darling Springtime Wedding at Towerbosch by Kusjka du Plessis

With the darling buds just showing their spring faces to this side of the world, sweethearts Erin and Julia made their way all the way from Switzerland to tie the knot on South African soil. And what a lovely wedding it was! Combining touches of their Swiss life with local traditions, it paid tribute to their different heritages and sweet personalities. The decor was pastel, rustic, a little vintage, and ever so pretty, and Julia herself was a natural knockout in her simple gown and floral headpiece. The flowers were soft and a little rambling, like they’d just been picked from a Swiss mountainside. I especially loved the little handmade touches – the cake baked by the groom’s mom, the arch crafted by his father, and the couple’s beautiful quilt. And here’s something else I love – the story below is written by the groom, Erin. Always a pleasure to hear a groom’s perspective! Kusjka du Plessis took these absolutely gorgeous pictures of the big day.

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Darling Floral Wedding at Towerbosch by Moira West {Monya & Dawid}

I’ve heard of a runaway bride, but instead of turning in her running shoes, today’s happy wife-to-be wore hers down the aisle, the better to run to her waiting groom! So adorable, and indicative of the love and joy that really shines out from this beautiful wedding, captured by one of our fave photographers, Moira West. Add in some lush florals (including our much beloved protea), a super romantic and pretty two-piece peachy wedding dress, and a few sweet surprises along the way, and you have the most gorgeous country wedding on a summer afternoon. Sigh.Read More

Real Wedding at Towerbosch {Ja-nien & André}

So there I was having dinner with Louise of b.loved last weekend (more from her later today!), and we were chatting about how most good wedding blogs focus on a specific style – it’s just good blog business, really. But I thought to myself, not for the first time, how fortunate I am to have chosen a geographical rather than a stylistic niche. I get to feature all kinds of weddings (as long as they’re in South Africa) – from achingly beautiful formal affairs to barefoot beach braais. And in my eyes, that makes me a very lucky girl, because I have eclectic tastes. Variety is definitely the spice of blogging life for me. And one of the styles I love featuring most is handmade weddings, because not only are they always so pretty, but they’re filled with warmth and love, the same way that you always have a special appreciation for a gift someone makes for you. Today’s wedding has everything that makes handmade weddings lovely – a charming venue (Towerbosch/Knorhoek), fresh flowers in jam jars tied with lace or painted white, homemade preserve favours, crochet boutonnieres, flower crowns for the bridesmaids, and a bride and groom beaming with joy. We don’t have our usual background info, but that’s all the more reason to sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful pictures from Cape Town photographer Coba Engelbrecht.Read More