10 Ways to Style Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

You’ve probably figured out by now that sequin bridesmaid dresses are kind of a favourite here on SBB – let’s be honest, they look completely gorgeous and glamorous and they always make our pretty-loving hearts lift a mile. But by now you also know there are a ton of options for how to actually put that sparkly ensemble together. Long or short? Solids or skirts? Same dresses or mismatched? Well, we can’t make the decision for you, but we can do what we do, and bring you some delicious, glittering inspiration!Read More

Mismatched Blush Bridesmaid Inspiration from Forever 21

As those of you in Cape Town will no doubt know by now, South Africa got its first Forever 21 store this weekend, and to celebrate, I thought it would be fun to do a little special of the bridesmaid options available from this US label. The dresses are fun and flirty, and at the moment Forever 21 has a lineup of some gorgeous mixed blush/neutral dresses with little lace, sparkle and portrait back details that would be just perfect for a summer afternoon wedding. Time to be inspired!Read More

Woodland Fairytale Garden Wedding by Love Made Visible {Elize & Steyn}

Something I never expected when I started this blog was that some of the people I feature would become friends, and yet that’s exactly what’s happened (in fact, I’m meeting one SBB bride for lunch today, yay!). One of my all-time-favourite couples is Louise & Riaan, who are the kind of people who you know that not only will you like, but you’ll like the people THEY like too. So I wasn’t surprised to see their faces pop up in the pics from Elize & Steyn’s wedding – not just because it was the kind of effortlessly creative and detailed wedding that makes my heart sing, but because when I read the couple’s story, I knew they were full of heart. Just like Louise and Riaan, and just like their awesome photographers, Rebecca and Bruce of Love Made Visible, who have once again done an AMAZING job of doing just that – making love visible.  There’s also something about today’s wedding that reminds me of Snow White (in a good way, without the wicked stepmother obvs). Maybe it’s the red apples and the woodland elements (OBSESSED with the wreath escort cards!) or maybe it’s Elize’s gorgeous dark hair and ruby lips, but whatever the reason, it’s appropriate, because this is a modern-day fairytale – the kind that wedding dreams are made of.Read More

Mismatched Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

Source: via Belle the Magazine

Well, you guys, we’ve finally come to the end of our series on current bridesmaid dresses. Ten gorgeous looks, all very different, all completely contemporary. And about a zillion dresses I’ve had to stop myself from buying just because they’re purdy. Anyway, I left today’s trend until last, even though it’s possibly the most usable. That’s because in some ways, the mismatched neutral look kind of encapsulates many of the other trends. If you’re mismatching within the mushroom to nude pink neutrals range, you can actually incorporate some of those looks in your lineup without making it too statement. For example, one pattern in neutral colours, one lace overlay dress, and then a pop of glitter against a neutral skirt perhaps? Texture is a must – think ruffles, soft chiffon and contrasting fabrics. Model Molly Sims pretty much perfected this look for her wedding, which I have been kind of obsessing over for months, but I found lots of less famous brides who pulled it off beautifully too. And I had to include the image on the left below – I wonder if any has been pinned quite as much as this one? I always thought it was from a catalogue, but in fact it was an early adopter of the mismatched neutrals look, a bride who made it look easy breezy and drop dead gorgeous. Just one last note to mention here – most of the weddings below have used white or pale flowers and probably have an overall white or neutral colour scheme. Which is great. But don’t forget that this look works beautifully for bolder wedding colour choices too, and bright blooms really pop against a plain background, so don’t write it off as too vanilla if you’re a statement bride. For the most recent BM dress finds, check in with our Bridesmaid Boutique Pinterest Board.

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Trend Alert: Prints

Source: Jake McBride for Christian Oth via Style Me Pretty

Time for some afternoon inspiration! Last week I was thrilled to be asked by BrideTide (a brilliant hub for wedding news, as well as the keepers of the prestigious Top 100 Wedding Blogs list) to be one of 20 bloggers predicting the big wedding trends for 2013. What an honour to be in the company of some of my absolute favourite bloggers, and people I respect immensely. The list is still being updated, but you can find it here.

Trends are always hard to predict, since sometimes it feels like by the time you notice them, they’re almost over, but there was one that I feel absolutely sure will be a defining look for next year, and that’s prints (or ‘prints charming’, as the article so sweetly phrases it!). In some ways, this is a natural extension of some of the fabric trends we’ve already seen: damask, stripes, chevron, toile as well as the move towards painterly style and modern graphics, resulting in bolder or bespoke choices in linen, be they table runners or napkins. Of course, prints are also big news in fashion, and with mismatched bridesmaids being a much-loved look, it was only a matter of time until brides took the leap into dressing at least one of their girls in a print as well. Some brides have already managed to work a lovely layered print look, incorporating it into their stationery as well – this can work best for a shabby chic or country vibe – or adopting a single look which, again, is incorporated into their stationery or ‘branding’. I have to say, I’m a huge fan of the style in its many guises, particularly the way that a unique fabric on the tables or in the bridal party can really make your colours pop and bring everything together. And, while having all your maids in prints can look amazing, I think my favourite BM groupings are the ones that have a range of colours and textures, including at least one print and one sparkly dress. But that’s just me! I’ve put together a whole gallery of inspiration for you, so you can see that this look doesn’t have to be scary. Let’s start with whole groups of bridesmaids in matching prints…Read More

Mismatched Bridesmaid Accessories Part 2 {Shoes}

Source: Emily Johnston Anderson via Ruffled

Hello friends! Isn’t this week just the best? So thrilling to see another South African gold in the pool last night, and an absolutely brilliant one at that. Go the Chad. Just one post today, as I’m heading off to Wimbledon to watch some Olympic tennis. So exciting! I don’t know exactly what we’ll get to see live, but I know Andy Murray’s playing in the afternoon, so I’m sure the atmosphere will be amazing! But right back in Weddingville, we’re getting excited about shoes. For a change. Okay, yes, we’re always excited about shoes here, but in this case it’s shoes that reflect the mismatched bridesmaid trend we’ve been seeing in the last couple of seasons. A couple of weeks ago we spoke about one type of lovely mismatched accessory (flowers) and today it’s all about letting your BMs’ feet do the talking. Get ready to say “shoe-wa-wa!” Read More