Pretty in Paris Wedding Inspiraton

Happy Friday loves! It may be a public holiday in South Africa, but I couldn’t resist sharing just one more touch of gorgeous inspiration with you all before the weekend begins. This charming bridal shoot comes from Mauritius-based fine art photographer Josué Bonnefemme (remember that name, those of you heading over to Mauritius for your weddings!) and I’m besotted by its combination of vintage-style lace gown and mantilla veil, and romantic garden elements. It’s such a fresh take on a Parisian shoot, and it has me yearning to visit again. Sigh.

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Chanel L’amour!

I’ve been so excited to share today’s inspiration with you, because it really does have everything. Beautiful pictures, a gorgeous dress, an incredible love story, Paris… But let’s start at the beginning. Marlene and Gary met when they stumbled across each other on the cobbled streets of the City of Lights (yes, really!). Gary, an English footballer, was visiting family, while Marlene, a German jewellery designer, was on her way to the famous 31 Rue Cambon for some Chanel inspiration. Cue a Hollywood-style falling in love montage with Paris as a backdrop over the next few days. And here’s the really amazing thing – it turned out that they both lived in Vienna, so a chance meeting turned into a full-blown romance (now that’s Fate!). Fast forward to their engagement and the story has another fortuitous meeting, as the couple came across Claudia Magas of Ladies & Lord at a wedding show in Vienna – next thing you know, they were all heading back to Paris for this Chanel-inspired engagement shoot. From the pretty paper goods and Chanel cake and cake pops (!) to Marlene’s couture gown from Austrian designer Eva Poleschinski, dreamy doesn’t even cover it. I think Coco would have been proud! Huge thank you to Claudia for sharing this stunning shoot with us as part of our couture month.

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Inspiration Board: Parisian Pastel

Happy Monday, lovelies! Valentine’s may be over, but we’re heading to the city of love for our inspiration today. I just love the combination of blush, dove grey and champagne, especially because it’s like the pastel version of mixed metallics. The perfect combination of soft and glamorous. Which is pretty much perfect for a Paris-inspired wedding. Throw in a beautiful croquembouche, a lush bouquet, rosé champagne, a chic topknot and (my favourite detail) bridesmaids carrying clutches instead of flowers, and you have the most romantic take on city glamour imaginable. And the best part? You don’t have to be wed in Paris to pull it off.

Colours: Blush, dove grey, champagne, white

Top row (l-r): Bridesmaids’ clutches {Davie and Chiyo/Desy Cheng}; stationery suite {Jen Fariello/Easton Events/Erika Jack}; bride with top knot {Kali Lu Photo/Cara Aeschliman/Kae + Ales}
Row 2: Croquembouche cake {Rebecca Yale Portraits}; silver heels {Vicki Grafton Photography}; Paris buildings
Row 3: Chanel perfume {Le Secret D’Audrey/Luxe Paris Events}; bouquet {Jose Villa}; grey ring box {The Mrs Box/Jose Villa}; champagne {Meg Smith}


Cymbeline Paris 2014 Collection

Afternoon, brideys! Since this is our Week of Lurve, I couldn’t NOT let us spend a little time in the City of Love itself, Paris. Because, as you know, Paris is always a good idea, right? ;) This little slice of amour comes courtesy of one of my favourite international wedding dress design houses, Cymbeline. I am a big fan of the romantic Cymbeline gowns, but I must admit that I’m also smitten by the fact that their lookbook is beautifully shot around Paris each year, so it’s double the loveliness and inspiration. And while you may not be tying the knot in France, there’s no reason why you can’t bring a bit of Parisian panache to your bridal style. So come with me, as we jet off for a few moments to the most romantic place in the world, to enjoy some favourites from the latest Cymbeline collection.Read More

Cymbeline Paris 2013 La Parisienne Collection

Audrey Hepburn said it: Paris is always a good idea. And it’s not just the city in general that I have a total crush on, it’s the people. Parisian women (oh heck, all French women) are so impossibly chic, they frighten me a little. I look at the Facebook albums of French friends and wonder how not only do they always look perfectly put together, but so do their mothers, their grandmothers, their friends. I mean, we Italians have bella figura, but the French… well, they’re something else entirely. I’m not sure it’s something you can learn or buy or replicate – I have a feeling it’s part of the DNA. But what you can do, if you want to have that je ne sais quoi on your wedding day, is to invest in a dress by Cymbeline Paris. If there’s one label that embodies that French knack for combining vintage and modern, timeless and fashionable, formal and avant garde, then this is it. There’s even a bridal trench coat, fergoodnesssakes. Here’s what they had to say about it themselves: The Parisian lady is known worldwide for her “unconventional chic”. She highlights the basics and makes her daring a major asset. Everything is about attitude, being in tune with oneself and combining this with a little bit of irreverence.
I love every piece in this collection – appropriately named Le Parisienne – and even better, it’s photographed around the beautiful city, so we can do some Paris travel dreaming at the same time. Sigh. Oh, and the male model in this shoot aint too hard on the eyes neither. Oui to all of it! Enjoy.Read More