Fresh Ideas for Travel Themed Weddings

Credit: Julian Beattie

So I’ve been doing this blog thing for over three years now, and although some posts and ideas disappear into the archives, some keep getting hits again and again. But lately, instead of just feeling pleased (thanks for the love!) I’ve been feeling a tiny bit embarrassed. I started wondering if the posts had got a little outdated. I’m happy to say that having read them again, I still think they’d be useful, but it also got me thinking about all the new ideas that have popped up in that time (and still do so). These trends would have died out by now if that hadn’t happened. And while I am the last person to tell you not to use something you love (if it resonates with you, I don’t care how many times you’ve seen it on Pinterest, do it), I thought it was about time I revisited the SBB archive and brought you some updated inspiration. So here I am! Wedding trends 2.0.

Today we’re looking at travel themed weddings – I find it quite funny that I called it a ‘mini-trend’ in my original post (still one of our Top 20 most read articles!) when clearly it’s a theme that has run and run – just recently a planner told me it’s by far her most requested theme. Some of that has to do with the vintage decor movement, but with so many couples either meeting abroad, coming from different places, or just enjoying travelling together, I can see why it’s so popular. And just like everyone’s journeys are personal experiences, you can make your travel themed wedding personal too. In the original post, I covered all the basic motifs: maps, luggage, airmail, postcards, etc. and there’s still lots there for you to start with, but here I’m going to be looking at recent ideas or looks or fresh twists that made me stop and take notice. Like those bridesmaids with vintage vanity cases above – love that! Although to be fair, they didn’t actually carry them down the aisle – maybe a bit much, I don’t know.Read More

Inspiration Board: Par Avion

Happy Monday, everyone! Wow, it has been an exhausting weekend for me – I finally did the big move, so it has been non-stop packing and unpacking, etc. What a schlep. But I’m so excited about my new place, and can’t wait to get decorating! One of the best parts is that I have an en suite bathroom again, so get to pull out of storage a fab little gadget I have – it’s a bath rack/caddy that stretches over the bath and instead of having place for soap, has a rack for a book, and a holder for a glass of wine. Actually, it also has place for a candle, but I figured paper… alcohol… flame… maybe not the best idea! Anyway, I can’t wait to make use of it again, and with all my sore muscles from carrying boxes and a day of cleaning today, I’m sure I will soon! ANYWAY, on to today’s board, which is inspired by a different kind of moving: travel! As you may have picked up, I adore air mail stripes, and I like the idea of combining them with a soft vintage palette and fun travel, aeroplane and postage-inspired details.  It brings together the idea of love letters, and far flung places, and the old world romance of the aeroplane. This would be perfect for a couple who have done long distance, or just for one who love to (or long to!) see the world. Favourite real wedding detail? The ‘departure planes’, which were thrown at the bride and groom as they made their exit instead of confetti. Cute, huh?

Colours: Peach and soft neutrals

Top row (l-r): Bride with bouquet (Tying.the.Knot Wedding Coordination); bouquet (Ella Jae Weddings); dresses (Jose Villa); globe (Rock Paper Scissors Events/Ohana Photographers); vintage suitcases with framed escort card display (Kate Foley Designs/Catie Ronquillo Photography)
Row 2: Airmail invitation; aeroplane biscuits; air mail stamp; DIY toy glider save the dates
Row 3: Departure planes (Nine Photography); vintage plates; boutonniere (Josephine Sicad); airmail escort cards on map (Kate Foley Designs/Catie Ronquillo Photography); cake with stamp garland.

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Inspiration Board: Santa Fe Love Letter

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a few places in my time, and I hope I’ll be able to add many more to that list before my time’s up. For most of them, I try to take everything in because I accept I probably won’t be back again, but there are some places that I love so much that I have to have a second helping. Santa Fe was one of those. A few years back I spent a week there for work, and fell head over heels for the desert – for the adobe architecture, the artists’ haven vibe and OMG the margaritas! It’s one of those places I wish I could have a chance to live in, just for a year or two, and it’s definitely on my return visit list. So when I decided to do a travel-themed board for today, Santa Fe just seemed like an obvious choice for me. I’ve gone for soft, muted desert colours, and of course, succulents (will the love affair never end?). I love the chilli ristra necklace and the papel picado garlands and I LOVE the idea of a bride wearing bold South Western turquoise and silver jewellery. And how pretty is the bouquet? But I think my favourite detail is the farolitos – paper bag lanterns that are a Santa Fe feature during the Christmas season and look amazing in bulk lining roofs, doorways and pathways or making beautiful patterns on the ground. Sigh. Somebody send me a plane ticket! ;)

Colours: Muted teal, green, turquoise, and sienna

Top row (l-r): Cacti; silver ristra necklace; bridesmaid’s dress (TripleCord Photography); papel picado garlands; succulent bouquet (Michelle Warren Photography)
Row 2: Succulent; adobe entrance; Georgia O’ Keefe painting; table setting (w. scott chester photography)
Row 3: Succulent hair decoration (Stephanie Williams); invitation; adobe with farolitos; turquoise bracelet (Twin Lens).

Travel-inspired Wedding Details

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One of the mini-trends I’ve noticed popping up in quite a few weddings lately is the use of travel-inspired details. As a keen traveller myself, I love this, especially the way so many couples are using it to bring more of their histories and personalities to the wedding. It might be something as simple as naming tables after places they’ve been, but there are also lots of very cute and creative ideas coming through for making travel even more of a central motif, especially when combined with a vintage vibe. Here are some of my favourites. I’ve grouped them by the different wedding elements, but many of the ideas can be adapted to other parts of the wedding, so there’s plenty of opportunity to make this trend your own if wanderlust is something you and your partner have in common. And while you’re at it, why not have your guests contribute to your honeymoon as an alternative to the gift list? The Wedding Gift List Registry can do this for you in South Africa.

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