Contemporary Green & White Wedding at Kleinevalleij by Fiona Clair

Black and White Wedding at Kleinevalleij

Much as we love a wedding with a crazy beautiful colour scheme or a unique theme or venue, it’s also a regular pleasure to fall in love with a classic white wedding. It’s like hearing a favourite song, if that song were sung by Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald (as all my favourite songs are, actually), because a white wedding is all class. And when it has a clean, contemporary feeling like Pedro & Chelsea’s does, it’s all classic too. Long white bridesmaid dresses, tulip bouquets, tailored suits, and of course a bride in a beautiful dress. And that’s just the bridal party. I think what I love most about this one, photographed to perfection by Fiona Clair, is that it mixes this high society elegance with a very relaxed ambience, serving guests from canape and braai stations out on the Kleinevalleij lawns. Lovely to look at and fun to be at. And that’s the perfect wedding equation!

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Chic White Winter Wedding at Rockhaven by Kristi Agier {Ashton & Nic}

There’s just something especially beautiful about winter isn’t there? As much as I adore carefree summer days, winter has a special coziness and intimacy, a sense of sparkling snowy romance that’s straight out of Dr Zhivago (even if most of South Africa doesn’t actually have any snow). That’s why I love that more of you are planning winter weddings these days. And if you were in any doubt, you just have to look to today’s sophisticated soiree, in shades of white and cream for inspiration. From bridesmaids in sleek little white dresses (LOVE this look) and on-trend long sleeved lace for the beautiful bride, to lush white blooms with touches of gold and lots of clear glass on the tables, it perfectly reflects the clear winter sunshine outside Rockhaven’s rustic walls, as well as the glow of love and joy within. The lovely¬†Kristi Agier was on the scene to capture each special moment for ever and always.Read More

Colour Story: Rainbow

Image: Abigail K.

So what did you think, friends, how much are you loving the rainbow look from today’s styled shoot? I must say, it is one of my favourites, not in a faddy themey way, but because it allows you to really just sort of play with colour and not be confined to a specific paletter, and also to produce something really fun and relaxed. I also love the rainbow look for bridesmaids, because it means you can really dress your girls according to their style and colouring instead of having the one-colour-fits-all approach. Either give them a single matching bouquet (something neutral, like a bushel of baby’s breath, for example) or a custom bouquet to match their colour (love this creative idea, especially if you’re as much a fan of flowers as I am). For your tables, keep things relatively neutral so that the colours really pop – you could have deconstructed bouquets in mismatched containers (stick to one colour per container – this works well in groupings of different heights or along a long table) – and how sweet is the idea below of using food colouring for an extra bit of zing? You can also play with ribbons, rainbow prints, and of course, stationery. I’m so in love with Will We Have Rainbows from Invitation Gallery, part of the SBB Collection, which is highlighted below. Isn’t it beeeyoodeeful? Anyway, if this is a look you love, here are some more ideas and products to inspire, including BM dresses for all your girls (even a pregnant one!).Read More

Inspiration Board: Green & Gold

Good morning everyone! My apologies that last week I didn’t get to post everything I had planned – bear with me, as there’s an awful lot going on behind the scenes. For now, here’s this week’s inspiration board and it’s one of my personal favourites! Green and gold are very special colours to South Africans, as they’re our national sporting colours and also represent our beautiful land and its natural resources. So I can’t think of a more appropriate palette for a South African wedding, and don’t they just look beautiful together?! By adjusting the details slightly you could make this work for just about any season, and add more rustic or more¬†sophisticated touches depending on your venue and taste. One of the details I love is the elegant use of green glasses and gold utensils to get the colour scheme across on the table without going overboard. In terms of flowers, you could really go with any white flowers but I ADORE the combination of ranunculus and baby’s breath in this bouquet, and baby’s breath makes a great filler for elsewhere around the church or venue, which can allow you to have a bigger floral presence than you may otherwise be able to afford. Green shoes are a must for the bride, and this is a perfect opportunity to dress your girls in trendy white bridesmaids’ dresses. In terms of DIY, moss monograms are simple and incredibly lovely, and I also love the gold spraypainted wishing tree for your guests to leave messages on. And you guys, how gorgeous is this cake? All in all, I think it makes for a beautiful wedding. Who knew you could be patriotic so prettily?

Colours: White, green and gold

Top row (l-r): Place setting (Rebecca Hansen Weddings); ranunculus bouquet; white bridesmaids’ dresses (Atlas and Campbell); wedding cake with gilt and lace details (Sweet and Saucy Shop)
Row 2: Wishing tree; moss monogram letters; green shoes (Leo Patrone); general decor with hanging mason jars (Jamie Grenough)
Row 3: Bride & groom (Tec Petaja); invitation suite (EvaPaul Design/Rebecca Hansen Weddings); mini toffee apples; baby’s breath with gold monogram letters (Hailey Erickson)