Each and every one of us, as women, is unique and wonderful. We all have the right to feel beautiful and comfortable in our bodies and in what we wear.

Gelique celebrates these differences and has designed a range of high quality garments that will make every woman, no matter their body size or shape, look and feel elegant, confident and beautiful. Our range is perfect for any event, from a cocktail party to your wedding day.

Gelique offers private appointments at our Pretoria and Johannesburg branches, where a trained sales consultant will not only introduce you to our beautiful range, our 300 colours and fabrics and our countless customisation options, but will also strive to ensure that you (and your bridesmaids) leave knowing that you have found the dresses that will not only fit you perfectly but also make you feel unique and beautiful.

Gelique offers a convenient online ordering option if you can’t make it to one of our branches. Simply place your order online and we will ensure that your order gets delivered to you.

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+27 (0)82 304 7734

Where are you based and what areas do you cover?
Gauteng, but we also do online sales.

How did you get started in weddings?
Gelique was started in 2009 with the aim of providing South African brides an affordable option for their bridesmaids. The vision then (and now) was to provide a range which allowed every woman to feel comfortable and confident. This typically was an issue with the traditional bridesmaids dresses that were available at that point. Since then we have continued with that vision and the Gelique range has grown to include a wide selection of beautiful and elegant designs that allow each individual to customise their dress to according to their own specific needs.

What inspires you?
I am inspired to make women, no matter their body and shape, feel comfortable and confident. I understand the struggles that women have in feeling good in what they wear and this inspires me to keep designing dresses that make my customers not only look gorgeous but feel amazing too.

Favourite place in South Africa?

What advice would you give to brides and grooms?
As a bride, you know that if you feel sexy and comfortable in a dress, it will show in how you wear it. You want your bridesmaids to feel good and, in return, look good in your photos. Choose a dress that best suits all your ladies, taking into consideration their individual size, shape and areas of concern.

Blackeyed Susan Bridal & Eventwear Boutique


Blackeyed Susan® Bridal & Eventwear has always been about the beauty of simplicity and the modern woman. We love creating dresses for unique, free-spirited, free-thinking, contemporary women, brides, bridesmaids, flower girls, and mother of the bride/groom.
“A garment of praise, instead of a spirit of depair.” ISAIAH 61:3

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+27 (0)21 012 5082

How would you describe your target bride?
The Blackeyed Susan bride is confident and comfortable in her own skin; she is a completely unique soul. The Blackeyed Susan bride is no longer opting for the pomp and tradition of a stereotypical wedding dress. She is pushing the boundaries aesthetically when it comes to what is expected of a wedding and a bride. Modern, simple, unique and comfortable are the new prerequisites for a Blackeyed Susan bride.

Which designers do you currently carry?
We only stock our own collection: Blackeyed Susan. Within Blackeyed Susan, our ranges comprise of Blackeyed Susan Bridal, Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Wedding Guest Dresses and Flower Crowns, making the Blackeyed Susan Bridal Boutique your one stop bridal retinue shop.

What are some of the things you consider when deciding on which designers to work with?
We stock a few independent designers to complement the Blackeyed Susan Brand. These include WEEF (men’s leather ties, bow ties and pocket squares), Made Of Mettle (jewellery and men’s wedding bands), Julimex and Spanx (discreet, supportive and shaping underwear).

Tell us about your boutique. Where is it located? What inspired the interior design?
The Blackeyed Susan Bridal & Eventwear Boutique is situated in the heart of Durbanville, in the Western Cape, South Africa. Our boutique is a clean slate; we want the dresses to do the talking. When you walk into our boutique you are greeted with the sound of old school jazz, white walls and a showcase of canvas prints of our #realblackeyedsusanbrides and #realblackeyedsusies.

What are your favourite current bridal fashion trends?
We don’t particularly conform to trends – we do however gravitate to designing and producing timelessly classic styles that women feel comfortable and confident in.

Do you have any dress shopping advice for brides?
Congratulations, you’re getting married! It’s time to find your dream dress – the most exciting time ahead, but can also be nerve wracking! Start by jotting down information that you will need when contacting wedding dress designers, boutiques or dressmakers. This should include:

  • Your budget: You should have an idea of your financial limit, as this will be one of the first questions asked before or during a bridal fitting – remember that your wedding dress budget should also leave room for other accessories you will wear on your day including: shoes, jewellery, suitable undergarments, and hair accessories like a veil, flower crown or a special clip.
  • Your style: Are there specific styles that you love? Find a wedding dress designer or boutique that resonates with this.
  • Your timeline: Are you planning a year in advance or are you getting married in just a few months? Designers and dressmakers usually need around 4–6 months to produce a dress. If you are getting married in just a few months, or even weeks, you will likely need to find somewhere that stocks easily accessible, ready to wear bridal pieces, like Blackeyed Susan’s Ready to Wear Bridal, that can be bought directly off the rail in-store or online.
  • The location of your wedding: This will impact your dress choice and styling. Are you getting married on a beach or in the forest? A long dramatic train will not suit this venue as it can be easily damaged and dirtied. Church and indoor venues allow for more opulent dress styling.

To your first fitting, you should take the shoes you will be wearing on your day, whether heels or flats. If you have not yet purchased your shoes, bring along a pair with the heel height that you intend wearing on the day. Ensure you wear nude underwear, as dark colours can easily be seen through a white dress and distract from the final look.

Remember, once you find your dream dress, stop shopping! Trust your instincts and be confident in your final choice!

Hanrie Lues Bridal


At Hanrie Lues Bridal, we specialise in custom designed and made, luxury bridal gowns for the modern bride (with a nostalgic side!). Our signature elements include exquisite hand-beading, intricate lace appliqué and exceptional fit. Each bespoke bride that enters through our doors leaves feeling like royalty and becomes our friend for life!

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+27 (0) 72 700 5173

How would you describe your design style?
I adore intricate details and interesting elements. My designs are hugely influenced by romantic and nostalgic bygone eras of glamour. I pay special attention to always push the envelope and stay informed on what international bridal trends are going to be, so that my brides can always be assured of a fresh and modern approach to design.

Favourite fabrics to work with?
LACE! Absolutely obsessed with laces and the endless possibilities they offer to create new and unique designs. I also love using experimental fabric, to stay ahead of the pack and ensure that my gowns cater to what the modern bride requires, in terms of fit, quality and comfort.

What would you suggest is the best way to accessorise one of your creations?
I prefer toned-down accessories, that complement instead of overpower the dress. A beautiful pair of earrings, a statement crown or a cathedral veil are some of my favourites!

What process and timeline can a Hanrie Lues bride expect?
I always advise my brides to contact me as soon as their venue has been booked! It is never to early to start the process when opting for a bespoke designer gown. As we require 4-6 months to complete a gown, we book up very far in advance and often if brides wait until the last moment, we aren’t able to accommodate them (which breaks my heart!). Having more time to plan also allows us to do exciting and exclusive things like custom beadwork and ordering fabric from overseas.

Favourite current bridal trends?
Loving the boho-lux trend – laid-back yet elegant and chic. Fit for a boho-princess! Still obsessed with low backs and interesting sleeves, as well as pastel colours used as linings under ivory/white laces.

Any advice for brides?
So much advice, haha! But will narrow it down to:

  1. Get that videographer! I regret not having one to capture our memories of the day, in a format that also allows you to re-live the emotions.
  2. Pick a photographer that pays attention to detail and styling.
  3. Hire a co-ordinator if you have a full-time job and lack creative or organisational skills!
  4. Choose bridesmaids who will actually put their own needs aside for ONE day and are able to selflessly attend to you. This really takes the pressure off and allows you to just relax and enjoy every second without having to deal with unwanted drama!