15 Breathtaking Blue Wedding Dresses

Gentle grey wedding dress with floral decoration by Cathy Telle

Gentle Grey Wedding Dress with Floral Decoration by Cathy Telle

Get ready for some serious dress love, my darlings! A while back, I rounded up some of the absolute DREAMIEST pastel gowns on SBB, and I haven’t stopped dreaming about them since. So when the theme for May was settled on as ‘Something Blue’, I couldn’t wait to go out and source some spectacular blue (and blue-grey) gowns from our favourite online inspirational marketplace, Etsy. And my word, but did I ever find some beauties. Every single one of them has something that makes it extra special beyond just the colour (which let’s be honest, is pretty awesome on its own) – a lace detail here, a sparkle there, and a whole lot of cloud-soft tulle. If you weren’t thinking of a ‘something blue’ wedding gown before? Well, you will be now!
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Ursa // Fairy tale wedding gown

Ursa Fairytale Wedding Gown by Milamira Bridal (Image: Ksenia Milushkina Photography)

003-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Lobelia Silver Grey Wedding Dress by Carousel Fashion

004-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Shein Wedding Dress by Rara Avis

005-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Gardenia Tulle Wedding Gown by Carousel Fashion

006-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Flowing Blue Grey Wedding Dress with Floral Lace Decoration by Cathy Telle

007-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Boho Wedding Dress by larimeloom

008-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Ilaria Sky Blue Tulle Wedding Dress by Milamira Bridal (Image: Ksenia Milushkina Photography)

009-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Delon Wedding Dress by Rara Avis

010-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Euphemia Low Back Wedding Dress by Victoria Spirina

011-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Lavender Wedding Grey Tulle Gown by The Ivory Silk (Image: Aleksandra Semyonova photography/Mallory Dawn)

012-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Sarah Backless Silk Wedding Dress by Mink Maids Collection (Image: Aliza Rae Photography)

013-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Steel Blue Dress with Champagne Lining by Renz Rags

014-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Monet Blue Wedding Dress by FrenchKnotCouture

015-Blue Wedding Dresses from Etsy

Alya Blue Wedding Dress by Victoria Spirina