15 Romantic Morganite Engagement Rings

I can’t think of a better way to end off a crazy Monday than with some jewellery, can you? One of the trends I mentioned last week was alternate engagement rings, which we’re seeing more and more couples choosing for reasons of budget, taste or because of the ethical issues around diamond mining. Etsy is a great place to source artisan jewellery, and while there are many stones to choose from, the ones that really catch my eye are morganite. This rose gold stone is trending big time, and I must admit to being more than a little jealous of anyone who gets to sport its peachy loveliness on their ring finger! So let’s round up a few of our faves, shall we?


Morganite Engagement Ring by EJ COLLECTIONS (left) | Round Cut Morganite Ring by Kilar Jewelry (right)

Morganite engagement ring by Torkkeli Jewellery (left) | Morganite rose gold ring by Karen Johnson Design (right)

Cushion Cut Morganite Ring by By Laris

3 Carat Morganite Ring by Steve Jewelry (left) | Pink Peach Morganite Engagement Ring by Two Peridot Birds (right)

Round 1.25 ct Natural Morganite by GNG Jewel (left) | Morganite Engagement Ring 14kt White Gold by Pristine Custom Rings (right)


Rose Gold Oval Morganite Diamond Halo Ring by Olive Avenue Jewelry


GIA Certified Oval Peach Pink Morganite & Diamond Engagement Ring by Sundari Gems (left) | Morganite Engagement Ring Petite Diamond Set by LaMore Design (right)


Emerald Cut Morganite Ring by Kilar Jewelry (left) | Peach morganite engagement ring by Torkkeli Jewellery (right)

Solid 14K Rose Gold Morganite Ring by Julian Studio

Top image: O’Malley Photographers/Long’s Jewelers via Style Me Pretty

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