Fun Favours: Pashminas

In the last couple of weeks we’ve looked at options for keeping your bridesmaids and the bride warm in chillier weather, and today we’re looking at one way of keeping your guests toasty and warm. Pashminas are a popular favour, not just because they’re lovely gifts that your guests will use on the night and beyond, but also because they can be a great addition to your decor either in soft neutrals or bright pops of your theme colours. But how to present them? Fortunately there are lots of ideas from real weddings to inspire.

Suitcases and chests
Perfect for  the vintage bride, suitcases and linen chests make for a lovely display. Roll up or fold your pashminas and pack them in neatly, or allow a few to spill out prettily like real luggage.

Sources: Top left; bottom left (Shannon Lott); centre (Erin Hearts Court); right.

Garden wedding? Have a basket of pashminas ready for the ladies during cocktail hour, or pop one on the side of the dancefloor (alongside a basket of flip flops, perhaps?)

Sources: Top left; top right (Chic Celebrations/Paul Von Rieter); bottom left; bottom right (Shannon Leahy Events/Kristen Loken).

I’m thinking of you wine farm brides here – isn’t this just a perfect look? Either use generic crates (or those from your venue) or have one specially made with your names. I just love the colourful table display below with a variety of pashminas spilling out – guests can choose one that goes with their outfit!

Sources: Left; top right (Marianne Wilson); bottom right (Segerius-Bruce). 

On chair backs
I really like this idea, because it’s a great way of bringing a strong colour into your decor in quite a subtle way (see what our real bride Leigh did with her hot pink pashminas in this wedding). You could choose to do this either for the ceremony (if you’re having an autumn outdoor ceremony) or at the reception. And if you really want to treat your guests, you could have their names embroidered onto the pashminas – definitely a favour to treasure!

Sources: Left (Caplan Miller Events/Kate Mefford Photography); centre (Jasmine Star); right (Alexander Photography).

Other ideas
Colourful pashminas in a pail, a lovely programme folded into a pashmina on ceremony seats, or just piled up on a table. Or why not create a line of pashminas all tied up, in a rainbow of colours? This would look absolutely gorgeous in the right venue.

Sources: Top left; top centre (Fresh Horizons/Anne Marie Photography); top right (Orchard Cove Photography); bottom.

One last note about presentation. While you don’t need to tie your pashminas, using ribbon, twine or a paper band can be a lovely touch. My favourite is these pashminas tied with baker’s twine and sweet “chilly?” tags. Aren’t they cute?

Sources: Top left (Pink Orchid Weddings/Meredith Perdue); top right; bottom left (Heidi Ryder); bottom right (Wedding Concepts).

And don’t forget to make up a little sign, directing female guests to help themselves. But what to say? Here are some examples I’ve found online:

  • Cuddle up and stay warm
  • In case you get cold
  • For a midnight stroll
  • In case it gets chilly
  • Take one and snuggle
  • Take one and get cosy
  • Stay warm under the stars
  • A warm thanks for joining us on this special day.

Ah! Heartwarming.

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