DIY: Easy Paper Bunting

Hooray! Abbie’s back with another DIY project today and this one’s very close to my own heart… BUNTING! I just can’t get enough of this stuff. And if you caught today’s bunting roundup, you’ll have lots of inspiration for how to use this for your own wedding or party (or, you know, just because). Enjoy! Links in bold denote affiliate links. The cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.


Start by cutting the A4 pages in half length-wise (1&2). Carefully stick double-sided tape along both long edges of the halved A4 sheets (3), but don’t peel the backing off the tape yet. Fold the edges of the paper so that the double-sided tape is inside the fold (4).

Lay the lengths of paper flat. Mark out five 6cm lengths down the one side (5). Then, on the other side, start with a 3 cm gap and carry on marking the 6 cm lengths (6). (A4 sheets are 29.5 cm long and 6 cm goes exactly five times into 30cm, so just fiddle it to fit as well as you can, otherwise you end up wasting a heap of paper.) Join up the marks you’ve made to make the triangle shapes of your bunting flags. Keep the edges folded and cut along the lines (7&8). You should get nine flags out of half a piece of A4 paper (9).

Grab your string; and leave a length at the end for tying it on to things and start attaching the flags (10). Peel the backing off the double-sided tape (11). Pull the string tight. Stick the flap of the flag closed over the string (12).

The gaps you leave between the flags are up to you, depending on the look you’re aiming for. You can also use this technique to make mini cake bunting which you can suspend between two skewers, which looks super cute! 

Photography & DIY tutorial: Abbie Nurse of Uproot

Scissors | A4 Coloured Paper | Craft Ruler | Double-sided Tape | Craft Knife | String



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