Durban Beachfront Engagement Shoot

Next up today, we have a sweet little engagement shoot from Kate van Onselen, which takes place close to my current little ‘hood, on the Durban beachfront. Chelsea (who hails from North Carolina in the US) and local boy James make such an adorable couple, and I especially love the way that Chelsea is rocking a beautiful boho headpiece, but the love and happiness between the couple are rightfully at the centre of these sweet pics. I always say this, but that’s what it’s really all about!

Here’s a bit of background on James and Chelsea:
James and I met through mutual friends after I moved to Durban. I didn’t know many people and had few friends in Durban at the time. We quickly became close friends and several months later we began dating. We realised that we both had a love of humour, music and movies. After three and a half years together James proposed and I of course said yes to the love of my life.
The day James proposed did not start out so well. We had planned a day trip to the Midlands Meander a few weeks before. I unfortunately had dyed my hair the night before our trip and the next day decided to wear a white shirt. Just as we left Durban we noticed that red dye had stained the whole top half of my shirt. Knowing that we were going to be out in public, we had to stop at the mall in Pietermartizburg to buy me another shirt. It initially spoiled the mood of a romantic day out on the meander. Thankfully it didn’t last long though and we enjoyed a day of visiting different shops, restaurants and breweries and soaking up the beautiful scenery. On our way home James decided to stop on Worlds View Road in Hilton which was the road I lived on before moving to Durban. We walked down into the woods and stopped at a secluded spot where you could see the whole city. I turned around to find James on one knee. I was so happy that I said “Yes!” before he even asked me.