Q&A with My World Creations

Good morning, friends! As you may have picked up by now, I’m passionate about the South African wedding industry, and for the last while I’ve made it my mission to connect couples with great suppliers. I know that sometimes those small business owners with limited advertising budgets have a difficult time, but that doesn’t mean you want to know about them any less, right? So a few weeks ago I launched a promotion called the Days of December, and I’ll be introducing you to a whole family of new blog friends throughout this month in a series of posts. We’re all working hard to make sure this isn’t about boring old adverts, but rather the same high quality editorial content you expect from SBB. You can find all of the suppliers here through the month, but today, we’re meeting the first: Craig of My World Creations, a videographer from Port Elizabeth. I’m always hearing from brides how not getting a videographer is their one regret, so it’s always great to come across someone who can produce something beautiful to complement your photography. Craig has spent some time answering my questions about his business and his advice for brides and grooms, and sharing some of My World Creations‘ gorgeous videos with you today!

Hi Craig – thanks so much for chatting with us! Tell me a bit about your company…
My World Creations was established in 2007. At the moment, we are a two man team with myself concentrating on the editing and the main camera work. I have chosen to specialize in video because of the medium’s “story telling” ability. I feel that there are so many little moments and feelings that pass us by that cannot and should not only be captured by a photograph. I love to capture the essence of how the day felt.

How did you get started in videography?
I got started totally by accident, actually. When looking for a career change about eight years ago a friend asked if I did not want to help him with some video work on the side. With that the bug bit and I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue.

What five words would best define your style?
Documentary, clean, classic, inconspicuous (non-intrusive) and honest.

Do you have any favourite filmmakers or major influences?
Lifestage Films (Matt Davis)
Vision on Fire (Ian Badenhorst)
Allenvisuals (Chris Allen)

Why do you think it is important for a couple to have a videographer for their wedding day?
I feel the day goes by so quickly and there are so many little things that are forgotten and that pass you by. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and a lifetime of thought and planning has gone into exactly how its going to feel and play out. I have had brides tell me at a creative shoot after the ceremony that they were so nervous and excited that they actually don’t know what the pastor said during the service. The video is there to remind you of how everything flowed and felt.

Which part of a wedding do you love filming the most?
I have two. Firstly, the vows, the moment that makes it all real, the moment that the groom realises that he wasn’t listening to the pastor and is unable to repeat his vows because he got lost in the eyes of his beautiful wife to be.
And the creative shoot. I get to unwind with the couple and capture the introduction of their married lives together.

What do you think makes South African weddings special?
The settings, incredible landscapes, the weather, the blending of cultures and the beauty that is South Africa.

Do you have any favourite venues?
This is a tough question, as I find every venue has its attraction or drawcard. I feel even though the venue adds to the experience, it is more about the individual touch that the couple brings to the table that makes the day special. That said, I enjoy the Plantation, Evergreen, Slipperfields and Lombardini Game Farm.

When you’re not behind the camera, how do you spend your time?
I find I spend hours reliving the wedding while editing, but when I’m not working, I cycle or just head down to the beach. If all else fails, a good cup of coffee with a friend is always a winner.

I’m passionate about… people and emotions.
If I won the lottery I would… buy a farm and give it to Animal Anti Cruelty for all the rescued animals to have a home. The bottom line however, is I love what I do and would never stop doing it.
South Africa is… breathtaking. It is growing and it is home. As Dorothy said after she clicked her ruby slippers, “there’s no place like home” and I’m firmly rooted.

Contact My World Creations:
Phone: +27 (0) 72 315 4862
Email: [email protected][email protected]
Website: http://myworldcreations.wix.com/videography
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyWorldCreations