Charming Braai Wedding at Allesverloren by Adele Kloppers

I have to tell you, Anel and Marius, today’s adorable bride and groom, had me at ‘Braailofsfees’. Because okay, I’m South African, so a braai is always a good idea (to paraphrase Audrey Hepburn in a totally Saffa way), but also because their description of their big day also shows how playful and relaxed they were about it all. But a braai wedding where the groom wears jeans and the bride says she feels as comfy as if she was in shorts and flip flops? Surely that can’t also be… pretty? Well, this wedding shows that it can. Big time. The couple’s big day had all the details we love here at SBB – soft flowers in mismatched vases, wreaths, bunting and fairylights, a short blush wedding dress, chalkboard stationery, a romantic bouquet… but it was also the kind of laid-back celebration that totally suited the bride and groom. And it’s officially the first wedding we’ve featured that I can really call a SouthBound Braai. Love it. Adele Kloppers took these lovely pics.

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Pastel Blush Wedding at Lezar Opstal by Laura Jansen {Evette & Emile}

The next time I come across a bride who’s wavering about a ‘first look’ photo session because she doesn’t want to spoil ‘that moment’ (you know, the one where you lock eyes from opposite ends of the aisle and even though you’re in a room full of your family and friends you can only see one another and your heart’s beating out of your chest and you’re gripping your dad’s arm but you’re looking at each other and it’s amazing) – well, next time I am just going to show her Evette and Emile’s wedding. Because they had a first look (the sweetest of first looks for this pair of childhood sweethearts) and some gorgeous portraits with their awesome photographer Laura Jansen before the ceremony. But when Evette’s walking down that aisle – wow. The emotion in these pictures is so real, it actually brings a tear to MY eye. I have a feeling these two are going to be looking at one another like that for a lifetime. For their big day, they picked a beautiful pastel palette (including a gorgeous blush dress for the bride), and like the ballerina she is, she danced through ceremony and reception, right through to a first dance with her handsome groom that looks like it came from a movie. Ah, love. It gets me every time.Read More