Charming Braai Wedding at Allesverloren by Adele Kloppers

I have to tell you, Anel and Marius, today’s adorable bride and groom, had me at ‘Braailofsfees’. Because okay, I’m South African, so a braai is always a good idea (to paraphrase Audrey Hepburn in a totally Saffa way), but also because their description of their big day also shows how playful and relaxed they were about it all. But a braai wedding where the groom wears jeans and the bride says she feels as comfy as if she was in shorts and flip flops? Surely that can’t also be… pretty? Well, this wedding shows that it can. Big time. The couple’s big day had all the details we love here at SBB – soft flowers in mismatched vases, wreaths, bunting and fairylights, a short blush wedding dress, chalkboard stationery, a romantic bouquet… but it was also the kind of laid-back celebration that totally suited the bride and groom. And it’s officially the first wedding we’ve featured that I can really call a SouthBound Braai. Love it. Adele Kloppers took these lovely pics.

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Braai Weddings

Source: Yolande Marx on SBB

Hello friends! It’s a public holiday in SA so I’m taking some time off, but as it’s heritage day, aka National Braai Day (that’s BBQ for my overseas readers), I just had to bring you a special on how to create a braai wedding. “Really?”, you think. But it can be done, by combining the informality and the good humour (and the food, of course!) of our national pastime with some wedding prettiness. Here’s why you might want to have a SouthBound Braai… (ho ho)Read More

Behind the Menu: Willemijn & Jan-Willem

Good afternoon, lovelies – hope today has been treating you well? I’m stoked to be bringing you another in our ‘Behind the Menu’ series, where we celebrate weddings where food is at the centre of proceedings. Being a bit of a foodie myself, I love looking at how a great menu is customised for each couple, although by the end of working with these pics I am dying to eat the food! Never more than today, in fact, because this lucky Dutch bride and groom had several incredible courses including a fresh crayfish entree. One of my all-time favourites! It really makes me miss home, and especially remember my last meal before going off to university, when we spent the day at Betty’s Bay with my cousins and feasted on crayfish they’d brought in fresh from the sea that morning. Wow. Food flashback! Anyway, I love that the executive chef at Stir Food, Gustaav Boshoff, included it here, alongside a menu that really shows off the best of South African cuisine. Oh, and PS, how much do I love the hanging floral decor? Just gorgeous. Perfect execution from The Aleit Group, as always!

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Real Backyard Wedding {Alida & Etienne}

So the other day there I am watching Glee, and that Mercedes chick is singing – really singing, not just wailing at the end of the song – and it’s Aretha and she’s nailing it and I’m thinking what must that be like? You know, to just open your mouth and God comes out. Because when I open my mouth to sing, it’s more like dog comes out. But that’s what makes talents special. Not everyone has them. And watching someone do that one thing that only they can do, and love, is just magic. I’m getting to the point here. Today’s bride is one of those magic, talented people. I have no idea if she can sing, but what she can definitely do, is flowers. I’ve been dying over the weddings she’s worked on through her company, Flowers in the Foyer, for a long time now, so you can imagine how insanely excited I was when Mandie from Joe Photography told me about her wedding. And as soon as I saw Joe’s stunning photos, I was obsessed. Read More