Real Wedding at Nicolson’s Country Café {Louise & Sven}

Gather round children, and let me tell you one of my favourite love stories. Once upon a time, I had a friend called Sven, who was one of the loveliest chaps I knew. Clever and kind, best man and godfather many times over, he was one of those people whose friends are always all ‘how is he still single?’. But he was. And he didn’t want to be. He thought it was past due that he met the love of his life, but Destiny was taking her sweet time. One day, when I was home in Durban on holiday, I went out on a Midlands Meander with him, and Sven told me as we drove how he’d just about given up on finding love. He wasn’t unhappy – he has a great business, and he’d got into rowing in a big way – but he’d decided the the marriage thing just wasn’t going to happen. He was throwing in the towel. That very afternoon, we headed back to Durban to watch the Oxford/Cambridge boat race at Sven’s rowing club. And there, in the row in front of us (although neither of us knew it yet), was the girl he would marry, the equally lovely Louise. Which just goes to show. Timing is everything ;) The end of that story (and the start of a new one) was a beautiful brunch wedding at Nicolson’s in the Midlands, which I happened to be at, so I can tell you first hand that it was fabulous. Faye of Poetry Weddings did an awesome job pulling together all the gorgeous country-style decor, and CC Rossler took these breathtaking pictures. (I didn’t do anything, just sipped rosé and sighed over how much I loved the protea arrangements). Having a brunch wedding was such a lovely alternative – it felt very civilised, the food was amazing, and while the wedding party had their photos taken we all enjoyed a perfect Midlands afternoon. There was even a rainbow – now there’s a fairytale ending if ever I saw one!Read More

Brunch Weddings

Source: Pancake display

So, usually I am the person working in weddings who doesn’t get to GO to a lot of weddings. Side effect of living in London, innit. But this year has been different. This year, if I had a pound for every wedding I’ve attended… well, I’d have five pounds. Still, five weddings between March and May is quite something. Four have been in South Africa, which has given me the best excuse to hang out here for almost three months. (And a chance to see so many precious friends, I’m a lucky girl!) The last of Wed-a-palooza was the wedding of my friends Sven & Louise (which you’ll get to see soon), and apart from being insanely beautiful, what made it unique was that it was a brunch wedding. A trend beloved of bloggers, but rarely seen in the wild, this was the real deal. And it totally convinced me. Brunch weddings are AWESOME. Here’s why:Read More

Inspiration Board: Pastel Protea

Happy Monday my friends! Sorry last week was a little quiet – I’m afraid it was just one of those weeks. Anyway, today I have a board that I am SO in love with. And even better, I got to create it for a friend. The lovely Louise came into my dear friend Sven’s life a little while back and he was immediately smitten, so we were all thrilled when they announced their engagement. They’ll be getting married in Natal next year, and are planning a brunch wedding (so fun!). When Louise described what she was after, I immediately knew what she was looking for, since it’s a look that I’d had in the back of my mind for ages, and I think it came together beautifully. It uses soft pink and green, proteas, brown paper (how much do I love the table plan?), chalkboard and watercolour, and I’ve added in a few pretty paper details as well. Isn’t it lovely? Oh, and look out for brunch ideas coming your way this Wednesday if you’re also planning a morning wedding!

Colours: Soft pink, green and neutrals

Top row (l-r): Bride with single bloom protea bouquet (Jose Villa); brown paper escort cards (Katie Stoops); pastel table arrangement (White Room Events/Pobke Photography); chalkboard pancake menu (Green Wedding Shoes/Lauryl Lane/My Bride Story/Birds of a Feather); wish jar (White Room Events/Pobke Photography)
Row 2: Tablescape (White Room Events/Jennifer Sando); watercolour wedding invitation suite (oh my deer); bride and groom with pancakes (Green Wedding Shoes/Lauryl Lane/My Bride Story/Birds of a Feather); papel picado decorations (Erica Velasco)
Row 3: Brown paper menu/favour bag (Nancy Liu Chin via Snippet & Ink); protea bouquet (White Room Events/Jennifer Sando); brown paper table list; doily details (source unknown); bride with bridesmaids (Jose Villa)