Budget Tips From SouthBound Brides

Image above by Adene Photography – see the full wedding here.

Happy Friday friends! You may have noticed, but I’m working hard behind the scenes to bring you more of what you love, and one thing I always get feedback about is practical/advice posts. You’ll be seeing plenty of these in the coming weeks and months! In the Reader Survey, you also told me that one of the ways SBB has really helped you is by reading the advice given by our real brides in each wedding post. So I thought, who better to give you some advice than our own SouthBound brides? Keeping costs down is one topic that always comes up, so I’ve trawled through our archives to find all the very best tips and ideas for budget-conscious couples. Each of them is summarised in a handy card, so go ahead and add the ones that resonate with you to your Pinterest boards as reminders while you go through your planning process. And feel free to share your own advice and ideas in the comments!Read More

Brunch Weddings

Source: Pancake display

So, usually I am the person working in weddings who doesn’t get to GO to a lot of weddings. Side effect of living in London, innit. But this year has been different. This year, if I had a pound for every wedding I’ve attended… well, I’d have five pounds. Still, five weddings between March and May is quite something. Four have been in South Africa, which has given me the best excuse to hang out here for almost three months. (And a chance to see so many precious friends, I’m a lucky girl!) The last of Wed-a-palooza was the wedding of my friends Sven & Louise (which you’ll get to see soon), and apart from being insanely beautiful, what made it unique was that it was a brunch wedding. A trend beloved of bloggers, but rarely seen in the wild, this was the real deal. And it totally convinced me. Brunch weddings are AWESOME. Here’s why:Read More