SouthBound Sundays + V&A Ballgowns {17 March 2013}

Happy Sunday friends! And Happy St. Patrick’s Day (especially to my lovely Irish housemate, Kelly). I’ve always been a big fan of St. Pat’s, ever since my Catholic school in Joburg used to do a big sweets and cakes day and it was the one day you could make an exception to your Lenten resolutions. Which I guess means I should spend all day reading tabloids and watching reality TV, since that’s what I gave up this year, except that I haven’t missed them at all. Instead I’m curled up on the couch watching vintage cop shows, listening to the rain outside and cooking up a bumper crop of inspiration boards for you lovely lot. It’s been a super busy week making plans for our Editorial Wedding workshop at London’s Cannizaro House (UK photogs, if you haven’t yet signed up, do soon – we have so much knowledge to share and you guys the styled shoot is going to be AMAZING – more on that this week), but then I do like to be busy!


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