Best of 2014: Cakes & Desserts

Let’s talk about cakes, baby. Cakes and desserts. Because we love them. And they’re pretty! After a few seasons where dessert tables and candy buffets pretty much took over wedding world, I’ve noticed a bit of a trend back towards cakes this year, but that’s not to say that they’re all the same – oh no! You’ll find a huge range of gorgeous cakes among our favourites this year, from simple single layer beauties to elaborate triple tier masterpieces. And of course, there are loads of cake alternatives still making pretty waves, from cheese to macarons to the brownie tower you’ll see below. Basically, there are no rules: serve the cake you love.

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Fresh Dessert Table Inspiration

It’s been a while since I published this post, offering ten gorgeous inspirations for dessert tables and linking them up to SBB colour boards. And in that time, I’ve seen dessert tables evolve, from being highly stylised to maybe just a little bit more relaxed, from being almost entirely cake and candy-based, to having a larger variety of sweet treats, and of course to include dessert table alternatives like pies, cookies or even brunch. But one thing has remained the same – brides love ’em. And it’s no wonder – a candy buffet or dessert table offers a fun, interactive dessert experience for your guests AND it’s a piece of reception decor all on its own, which reinforces your theme or colours and can spark a lot of creativity. What guest doesn’t like seeing a little nook dedicated specifically to sugar, especially when it’s temptingly laid-out. So I thought it was about time I shared some of my new favourite dessert tables, and as before, linked them up with some of our very own inspiration boards to give you a sense of what sort of look and feel each table might suit.


The addition of a floral arch turns a nice feature into a spectacular one – perfect for all you garden wedding and blush-loving brides out there! I’ve paired it with our perennially popular Kraft & Blush inspiration board.

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Dessert & Candy Buffet Alternatives

Hello lovelies! Today we’re continuing with the theme of updating our most popular posts from the early days of SBB. One of our greatest hits was a post I did on wedding cake alternatives, back when that was still something quite new. Since then, I’ve seen all kinds of fun cakes and not-cakes at weddings but by far the biggest trend has been the candy buffet or dessert table. And it’s not hard to see why, since it’s more than just a dessert – it doubles up as decor, as a favour – even as entertainment. It creates a gorgeous focal point in one part of your reception, a striking visual reinforcement of your colours or theme. I love these tables, but what I love even more maybe are the ways that even this alternative has sprouted alternatives! With personalised menus being a big trend for 2013, the specialised food station really comes into its own, and can be a fun twist to the dessert table, especially if you’re planning something a bit different like a brunch wedding. And it’s not limited to food either – you can apply the same principle of taking a basic treat and turning it into a visual feast and apply it to drinks as well. Here are ten of my favourite dessert and candy buffet alternatives.

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3 Ways with Lasercut Wedding Decor {Doodles Laser}

If there’s one wedding trend that South African brides and grooms have embraced wholeheartedly, it’s lasercut stationery. I think this has a lot to do with the talented stationers and designers we have in SA, especially Doodles Laser, who have really made this form their own. I love seeing Doodles work crop up in the weddings I feature (as it frequently does), and spotting all the new and exciting ideas that the team come up with. I was also lucky enough to work with Leigh from Doodles on a shoot earlier this year (see it now in the latest issue of Wedding Inspirations) and she is such a pleasure to work with, and full of awesome ideas. But what’s the best way to incorporate lasercut into your wedding decor? We’ve rounded up three clever ways, with lots of eye candy! All stationery below is by Doodles Laser.

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Dessert Table Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in love with dessert tables ever since I discovered the genius that is Amy Atlas. It takes such a simple concept – a spread of sweets, usually including a cake (but I’ve seen them done with all veggies, or cheeses, or whatever you like really!) and elevated it to a level where dessert meets design. I’d hate to be the first person at these buffets, because it must feel a little like taking a bite of a museum masterpiece, they’re just that pretty. And the best thing is, you can be really creative with them, and incorporate one into just about any style of wedding and make your dessert table a real feature of your reception that your guests will be talking about for years to come! To show you how, I’ve paired up some gorgeous dessert tables with matching Cap Classique inspiration boards. So fun!


This is one of my all-time favourite dessert tables, combining gorgeous green, brown and blue with vintage elements and a bird motif. It’s so usable, and all the different containers at different heights make it so easy on the eye. Perfect for an elegantly rustic wedding, or for a lovebirds theme. It’s paired here with (and partly inspired) the Vintage Birds inspiration board.

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