3 Ways with Lasercut Wedding Decor {Doodles Laser}

If there’s one wedding trend that South African brides and grooms have embraced wholeheartedly, it’s lasercut stationery. I think this has a lot to do with the talented stationers and designers we have in SA, especially Doodles Laser, who have really made this form their own. I love seeing Doodles work crop up in the weddings I feature (as it frequently does), and spotting all the new and exciting ideas that the team come up with. I was also lucky enough to work with Leigh from Doodles on a shoot earlier this year (see it now in the latest issue of Wedding Inspirations) and she is such a pleasure to work with, and full of awesome ideas. But what’s the best way to incorporate lasercut into your wedding decor? We’ve rounded up three clever ways, with lots of eye candy! All stationery below is by Doodles Laser.

Image sources: Jani B. (top left); via Doodles (bottom left); all others Cheryl McEwan

Place names
Probably the most simple and straightforward way to use lasercuts is to have your guests names created instead of placecards. I love this idea. It’s visually appealing, and each name is like a little favour – your guests will love them and don’t be surprised if they take them home and pop them on their fridge door or similar. It also makes decorating a place setting a doddle, as you can just place one of these on top of the napkin. Go for classic white or natural (especially if using coloured or print napkins), or use colour for a real pop of fun. Or spice it up a little – use a flower as well as the name (I’m in love with this pincushion accent), a decoration (how cute is that mini birdcage) or hang the names inside hearts (or dangling from ribbons) from chair backs for something extra special.

Image sources: Abigail K  via The Pretty Blog (left); via Doodles (top right); Annemari Ruthven on SBB (bottom right)

Image sources: Vivid Blue (left); Nastassja Harvey on SBB (top right); Love Made Visible via The Pretty Blog (bottom right)

Table names and numbers
Another way to really make an impact with your lasercuts is to use them to highlight your table names. This works well whether you go for something more straightforward like numbers (symbols or spelled out) or choose actual names that are special to you and your fiance. They could be abstract qualities that you think are important in a marriage (or life)…

Image sources: Stephan Marais (left); Lizelle Lotter via The Pretty Blog (top centre); Just Judy (bottom centre); via Doodles (right)

places meaningful to you both…

Image sources: Row 1 – Cheryl McEwan; Row 2 – Anneli Marinovich via The Pretty Blog

seasons (or months of the year)…

Image source: Cheryl McEwan 

or even something based on your hobbies and interests, like types of wine, fish, or fairytales!

Image sources: Row 1 – Just Judy (left); Christine Meintjes via The Pretty Blog (right); Row 2 – Bernard Bravenboer

And you don’t have to limit yourself to signs on the actual tables. They work just as well for table plans…

Image sources: Row 1 – (left); Lizelle Lotter Photography (centre); Stephan Marais (right); Row 2 – Christine Meintjes via The Pretty Blog 

The potted trees above are my FAVE. Love the combination of trees, labels and lasercut table names – how amazing is this for a wine farm/vineyard wedding?

Dessert tables
While lasercut works for any kind of label, they make a particular impact at dessert tables. While flags are cute, the larger signs really stand out from a distance, and you can have a lot of fun with fonts to keep visual interest high. I especially liked the playful way our real life bride, Cheryl, put her dessert table together, using Doodles lasercuts.

Image source: Nastassja Harvey on SBB

Of course, the signs work for any kind of food station, from sweet to savoury…

Image source: Christine Meintjes via The Pretty Blog 

Will you be using lasercut in your wedding decor? How have you decided to include it? If you’ve come up with a unique idea, why not share it with our readers?

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