Save It for a Rainy Day

Looking out at the sunshine in Durbs today, it’s hard to imagine a wedding ever gets rained out in this country but as you all know, that is not even close to being the case. In fact, of the five weddings I’ve been to in South Africa in the last two years, three had some kind of rain to deal with. And okes, one of them was in Phalaborwa. Chances? Anyway, the point is this: we hope for sunny skies (and we usually get them) but rain is something that you need to plan for. So I asked fab SBB sponsor Lizl Pieterse of Flamboijant to share her top tips as a planner for avoiding those rainy day blues, and she’s here with some really fantastic advice. Not just that, but I’ve rounded up some beautiful pictures from our photographer friends, which just goes to prove – you can still get the most gorgeous images of your day, come rain or come shine! Over to you, Lizl… ;)Read More

Real Wedding at Providence {Jolene & Travis}

Putting this wedding together has been such fun – first I found myself humming Dolly Parton due to the bride’s name (sorry, Jolene, you must get this all the time) which led to a Dolly Parton spotify fest (even though I typed it as Dolly Partyon, which is now totally going to be my stripper name if I ever become a stripper). None of this has anything to do with why it’s a lovely wedding, but it is. I love the misty magical forest of donkeys pics captured by photographer Stuart Dods (so Shrek, in a good way) and the coral details – there’s good reason why this is a colour that brides have fallen in love with over the last year, as it really does just pop against white in such a pretty way. The bride looks like a beautiful princess with her elegant coral ladies in waiting. Travis and Jolene continued the fresh colour combo through to their sweet stationery and reception decor, and it’s the perfect contemporary combo. So thanks for sharing, Jolene (and also for giving me an excuse to indulge in a bit of the Dolly!).Read More

Real Wedding at Netherwood {Michele & Brad}

Morning SouthBound Brides! We’re kicking off today’s pretty with a foggy wedding from the beautiful Natal Midlands. Now fog might be one weather scenario you hadn’t considered (and to be fair, most of you won’t need to), but Michele and Brad got a LOT of it. And here’s what immediately made me love them when Michele sent in her photos from Tyme Photography – there was no hiding away inside trying not to get her hair damp. They went out into that fog and rocked it like it was a Prince video. The results are amazing! And that’s just one thing to like about this cozy autumn wedding, with it’s swish black and white colour scheme, spirals of lamps and chocolate tequila (best favours EVER). It might be a million miles away from South African summer, but for those of you just getting cracking with your planning, I hope this (and the other lovely autumn and winter weddings we’ve featured here) will at least make you consider an off-season wedding. Because they can be so, so lovely! Anyway, before I start preaching, I’ll hand you over to the lovely Michele…Read More