Charming DIY Wedding at Cranford Country Lodge by Tanya Jacobs

If I think of a countryside wedding, and imagine the most perfect place to exchange vows, I always picture the chapel at Cranford Country Lodge (one of SBB’s preferred venues and a member of the SBB Collection). With an ivy covered doorway and views over the spectacular little England that is the Natal Midlands, it’s pure rural romance, and a perfect example of why the phrase ‘country wedding’ immediately puts a smile on any wedding lover’s face. Today’s wedding shows Cranford off in all its pretty glory – Charl & Kim are an adorable couple who wanted to infuse their intimate celebration with their personalities and the things they love, and did it by DIYing their way to a celebration that was oh so charming (and budget savvy too!). From the colourful bunting to Kim’s wreath bouquet, to her bridesmaids’ peachy two-pieces and the groomsmen’s cork bow ties, from the sparkly linens to the origami flowers, you can see that every detail has been selected and created with love, and caught on camera beautifully by Tanya Jacobs!

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Vintage Organic Autumn Wedding at Orchards by Summertown Pictures

I love when couples really get into the creative design of their wedding, because frankly, that’s why I even started doing what I do! I get such a buzz from finding that perfect combination of colours and textures and design elements that will work together, and converting trends into personal details that will resonate with the bride and groom and their families. Today’s bride clearly shares this love because she had a comprehensive vision for the happy day she and her love Rob tied the knot, which included greenery, copper, warm tones, autumn details, soft candlelight, beautiful music, and great food. All the best stuff! And best of all, Cindy and Rob’s family and friends got in on the action, adding that wonderful, creative, handmade touch to everything from ceremony to reception, and filling the space with pretty (and love!). So wonderful, and Summertown Pictures were there to take these lovely pics!

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Intimate Country Garden Wedding in the Natal Midlands by Long Exposure

When I was in high school I remember working on some anthology in English Lit that was all about the ‘Spirit of Place’. That’s a phrase that’s stuck with me ever since – in the literary sense, but it’s also often something I think of when it comes to weddings. Because there are some celebrations that really are infused with the spirit of a place – usually the one in which they take place – and I absolutely love that. It makes the wedding a full-on sensory experience, because guests aren’t just attending a wedding in a particular venue or region, but they’re experiencing the atmosphere of that place, and often getting a piece of the couple’s heart as they do. Heidi & Shaun’s wedding is one of those – the couple share a deep love for the Natal Midlands, spending time in its English countryside-style beauty as often as they can, and wanted to share that with an intimate group of their near and dear on their big day. Hosting the wedding at a friends’ homestead with a beautiful garden, and filling the ceremony and rustic reception with blousy garden-style flowers, they did just that. I ADORE the bouquet especially, from The Flower Shed, and how well it pairs with Heidi’s pretty-as-a-picture gown. And the final lovely touch? A reedbuck motif, dreamed up by the graphic designer bride, to reference the ‘deer’ moments (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) spent in that same countryside. Christy Long captured these super romantic pics.

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Real Wedding at Providence {Jolene & Travis}

Putting this wedding together has been such fun – first I found myself humming Dolly Parton due to the bride’s name (sorry, Jolene, you must get this all the time) which led to a Dolly Parton spotify fest (even though I typed it as Dolly Partyon, which is now totally going to be my stripper name if I ever become a stripper). None of this has anything to do with why it’s a lovely wedding, but it is. I love the misty magical forest of donkeys pics captured by photographer Stuart Dods (so Shrek, in a good way) and the coral details – there’s good reason why this is a colour that brides have fallen in love with over the last year, as it really does just pop against white in such a pretty way. The bride looks like a beautiful princess with her elegant coral ladies in waiting. Travis and Jolene continued the fresh colour combo through to their sweet stationery and reception decor, and it’s the perfect contemporary combo. So thanks for sharing, Jolene (and also for giving me an excuse to indulge in a bit of the Dolly!).Read More

Real Farm Wedding {Stephanie & Grant}

It’s not every day you come across a wedding as special and thoughtfully put together as this one. It’s also the first time I’ve featured a truly organic wedding, including a raw food cake! But what I love most about Stephanie and Grant is that they embody the SBB philosophy of creating a day that is uniquely yours, and a celebration of who you are as individuals and as a couple. Stephanie (with support from Grant) dreamed up every bit of their beautiful wedding, which was held on a family farm that has so much history and resonance for them. They’re both in the health industry, and this was reflected in their menu choices – the natural, organic theme also extended to the rustic chic decor at both their ceremony and reception. Looking at the pictures (beautifully taken by Peter Russell), you can feel pure happiness radiating off them. It’s Pretty, with Heart. Just the way we like it.Read More