Intimate Italian-style Wedding at Zorgvliet by Tasha Seccombe

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of all things Italian (I mean, I’m half Italian myself, and proudly so). But in the absence of a plane ticket to Tuscany, if I were to receive an invitation to a beautiful, intimate, Italian-inspired soiree like this one? I’d be there faster than you could say “I do”. Ilna and Neil created something really special for their big day – a sophisticated, jewel-toned celebration that manages to fuse the best of the South African winelands with a touch of La Bella Vita. The flowers, for one, are ridiculously beautiful – peonies and hydreangeas and orchids in shades of mauve and plum and burgundy. And contrasting with that abundance is Ilna’s breathtakingly elegant gown and Neil’s classic black suit. Sleek sophistication meets organic. And talking about sophistication, I love that the couple opened the dancefloor with a tango! These beautiful pics by the lovely Tasha Seccombe capture every bit of their big day, and will stick in your memory for a long time to come!

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Classic Blush Pink Wedding at Zorgvliet by Cheryl McEwan

Cheryl McEwan, I could kiss you. Every time we feature one of this lovely Cape Town photographer’s weddings, I get to immerse myself in golden light and pure romance. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when, as with Tarryn and Aidan’s big day, the bride is a beauty, her hubs is dapper as can be, and their classically styled wedding is choc full of pretty in pink details from the cookie favours right down to Tarryn’s blush Badgley Mischkas (shoe swoon!). There’s so much to love about this wedding, so let’s get started, shall we?

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Elegant Zorgvliet Wine Estate Wedding by Anneli Marinovich {Marike & Anthony}

If there’s one thing we South Africans know how to do to perfection, it’s throwing an elegant vineyard wedding. As long as I’ve been featuring weddings of all different kinds on SBB, there’s still something about a summer wedding in the Cape winelands that tugs at my heartstrings – the beautiful Cape Dutch architecture, the breathtaking scenery (mountains so spectacular they look like they must have been painted, and I would know, since I spent four years at Stellenbosch looking at them in awe!), the light during golden hour that you just want to eat with a spoon. For all my love of motifs and patterns and colours, sometimes I just like it best when a bride and groom choose an elegant white on white palette and let their surroundings work their magic against the blank canvas. And when that canvas includes just a tiny touch of glitter, a murmur of lace and a puff of baby’s breath? Well, I’m SOLD. Today’s wedding is all of this and more, in that it was shot by one of our favourite photographers (and wedding people), Anneli Marinovich. There’s no dreamier way to end off your afternoon.Read More

Real Wedding at Zorgvliet {Suzanne & Jason}

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Colour schemes, that is (ice cream scheme? try saying that after a couple of martinis). I’ve been hearing a lot recently about ice cream colours, and I absolutely love the idea of combining soft pastels for a colourful but gentle palette. Today’s bride is totally bringing it, and shows you exactly how this look is done in a way that is classy and elegant, as befits her beautiful wine farm venue (Zorgvliet). Mismatched bridesmaids dresses? She’s managed to find six that couldn’t look better together, except that she also matched them up with adorable shoes. Stunning florals in peach, lilac, violet, coral, cream. Supercute stationery. A beautiful cake. And sweet little touches like candy-striped pink toffee favours, and burlap texturing on the place settings. It is SERIOUSLY pretty, and I can’t wait to share it! So here we go… (Psst! This wedding also sees a welcome return to SBB for talented documentary photographers, Love Made Visible. Always awesome to have you guys here!)Read More