Wedding Video: Vicky & Arri

I don’t do a lot of videos on SBB. They’re awesome and everything, but I suppose I relate more to the words and photos side of things. But every now and again I’m compelled to share one from our real weddings, and let me tell you, this is a goodie. Lump-in-your-throat, tear-in-your-eye, smile-on-your-face, goosebumps kind of good. If you fell in love with Vicky and Arri’s beach wedding today as much as I did, this video really brings it to life, but also adds all the energy and joy (this is one couple who are truly in the moment) and I defy anyone not to feel a bit choked up when they hit the excerpt from Arri’s brother’s speech. It’s spectacularly edited, perfectly matched to an awesome soundtrack, and I am pretty confident that whatever kind of afternoon you’re having, this will send you off with a smile and remind you what this wedding and love stuff is all about. Serious kudos to Hand Stitched Films, and thanks to Vicky and Arri for sharing!

Still images by Natural Light Photography.


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